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A Lawless Street Details


Up until its surisingly mundane finale, A Lawless Street is one of the best of the Randolph Scott westerns of the 1950s. Scott plays famed marshal Calem Ware, whose strenous activities on behalf of law and order have exacted a toll on his personal life. Keeping the peace in the town of Medicine Bend, Ware hopes to someday be reconciled with his ex-wife Tally Dickinson (Angela Lansbury), now a touring musical comedy star. Just as Tally arrives in Medicine Bend, Ware is forced to deal with big-time criminals Thorne (Warner Anderson) and Clark (John Emery), not to mention their hired gun Baskam (Michael Pate). Will he do his duty and rid the town of his outlaw element, or will he hang up his guns as Tally wants him to? One of the highlights of A Lawless Street is a lively saloon-hall number performed by Angela Lansbury, who is quite a dish in her revealing stage wardrobe. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Randolph Scott
as Calem Ware
Angela Lansbury
as Tally Dickinson
Warner Anderson
as Hamer Thorne
Jean Parker
as Cora Dean
Wallace Ford
as Dr. Amos Wynn
John Emery
as Cody Clark
James Bell
as Asaph Dean
Ruth Donnelly
as Molly Higgins
Michael Pate
as Harley Baskam
Don Megowan
as Dooley Brion
Jeanette Nolan
as Mrs. Dingo Brion
Peter Ortiz
as Hiram Hayes
Frank S. Hagney
as Dingo Brion
Frank Ferguson
as Abe Deland
Harry Tyler
as Tony Cabillo
Stanley Blystone
Barry Brooks
Hal K. Dawson
Reed Howes
Jay Lawrence
Frank Scannell
Guy Teague
Edwin Chandler


Joseph H. Lewis
Harry Joe Brown
Kenneth Gamet
Brad Ward
Book Author
Ray Rennahan
Paul Sawtell
Composer (Music Score)
Paul Sawtell
Musical Direction/Supervision
Gene Havlick
Jerry Antes