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The third feature from popular Spanish filmmaker Juanma Bajo Ulloa is a sprawling and complex action comedy with a touch of Almodovar-esque surrealistic absurdity that simultaneously satirizes gangster movies, film noir, and the Catholic Church. Juantxo is the chief protagonist. Coming from a bourgeois family, he has had all the opportunities to fulfill his father's wishes by obtaining a university degree, getting a high-paying job and making a place for himself in high society. The trouble is, Juantxo is a socially awkward idiot and a mamma's boy. He is, however, engaged to a rich and beautiful woman. A few days before his wedding, Juantxo's buddies Konradin and Paco persuade him to go out for a final night of oat-sowing. They are not long at the stag party when Juantxo falls for an exotic prostitute. Unfortunately he loses his fiancee's expensive engagement ring while messing with the hooker. Later, this valuable ring is discovered by Villambrosa, a gangster/pimp/international drug runner. His enemy Souza finds out about the ring and sends his sexy moll Fatima do Espirito Santo, a new age girl who can levitate, to investigate the situation. Meanwhile, Juantxo and friends frantically search for the ring. They have three days to find it and their journey takes them on a riotous road trip that leads them into the depths of the Mafia underworld. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


Fernando Guillen-Cuervo
Karra Elejalde
Gonzalo Berridi
Bingen Mendizabal
Composer (Music Score)
Pablo Blanco
Nuria Sanjuan
Art Director
Satur Idarreta
Art Director
Julio Torrecilla
Art Director
Ulrich Felsberg
Inaki Burutxaga
Executive Producer
Adrian Lipp
Executive Producer
Bina Daigeler
Costume Designer
Juan Borell
Sound/Sound Designer
Gilles Ortion
Sound/Sound Designer
Miguel Polo
Sound/Sound Designer