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The first of Allen Drury "all names changed to protect the guilty" political novels, Advise and Consent was brought to the screen by producer/director Otto Preminger. The film hinges upon the appointment of Robert Leffingwell (Henry Fonda) to Secretary of State. Leffingwell has been hand-picked by the President (Franchot Tone), meaning that there'll be a battle on the Senate floor between adherents of and opponents to the current administration. Among the participants are veteran Dixiecrat Charles Laughton, freshman Senator Don Murray and powerseeker George Grizzard. Burgess Meredith also shows up as a man who is brought into the Senate to "prove" that Leffingwell is a communist. To neutralize Murray, Grizzard threatens to dredge up a homosexual incident in Murray's past, which results in the latter's suicide. Advise and Consent is a slow and old-fashioned film, coming to life only when Laughton and Grizzard are on screen--and in the climax, in which the fate of Leffingwell's appointment is left in the hands of acting President Lew Ayres. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:June 6, 1962


Awarded by
National Board of Review Burgess Meredith Best Supporting Actor 1962 Winner


Henry Fonda
as Robert Leffingwell
Charles Laughton
as Sen. Seabright "Seab" Cooley
Don Murray
as Sen. Brigham Anderson
Walter Pidgeon
as Sen. Bob Munson
Gene Tierney
as Dolly Harrison
Peter Lawford
as Sen. Lafe Smith
Lew Ayres
as The Vice-President
Burgess Meredith
as Herbert Gelman
George Grizzard
as Sen. Fred Van Ackerman
Paul Ford
as Sen. Stanley Danta
Franchot Tone
as The President
Sid Gould
as Bartender
Eddie Hodges
as Johnny Leffingwell
Tom Helmore
as British Ambassador
Cay Forrester
as President's Secretary
Hilary Eaves
as Lady Maudulayne
Russ Brown
as Nightwatchman
Michele Montau
as Celestine Barre
Bill Quinn
as Sen. Hendershot
Rene Paul
as French Ambassador
Chet Stratton
as Rev. Birch
Edward Andrews
as Sen. Orrin Knox
Malcolm Atterbury
as Sen. Tom August
Betty White
as Sen. Bessie Adams


Otto Preminger
Otto Preminger
Allen Drury
Book Author
Wendell Mayes
Jerry Fielding
Composer (Music Score)
Lyle Wheeler
Production Designer
Eli Benneche
Set Designer
Hope Bryce
Costume Designer
Harold Lewis
Sound/Sound Designer
Robert Jiras
Del Armstrong