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Adrift in Manhattan Details


Adrift in Manhattan, the third feature effort of Hispanic writer/director Alfredo de Villa (Alfredo de Villa, Alfredo de Villa), intercuts three intensely dramatic stories of life during a cold New York winter, each of which revolves around the concept (and thematic motif) of vision. In the first, an eye doctor grieving from a traumatic loss (Heather Graham) must reexamine her life and priorities; in the second, an artist of advanced age must contend with encroaching blindness -- thus losing the one of his five senses that represents his greatest asset; in the third, a photographer grapples with inner turmoil. De Villa brings these stories together for an unanticipated intersection on a Manhattan subway line, and watches as these individuals -- initially, complete strangers to one another -- help to guide each other through their struggles, pain, and angst. William Baldwin and Erika Michaels co-star. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

  • Release date:September 21, 2007


Heather Graham
as Rose Phipps
William Baldwin
as Mark Phipps
Dominic Chianese
as Tommaso Pensara
Victor Rasuk
as Simon Colon
Erika Michels
as Claire Phipps
Richard Petrocelli
as Mr. Sneider
Marlene Forte
as Marta Colon
Elizabeth Peña
as Isabel Parades
Felix Solis
as Rolando
Nicole Kohnen
as Clinic Receptionist #1
Alexis Smith
as Yvette
Marti Vendetti
as Clinic Receptionist #2
Adrianna Bremont
as Becca
Karina Arroyave
as Christina
Damian Porter
as Drew
Jaime Tirelli
as Ad Agency Worker
Frank Picarazzi
as Subway Musician
Nicole Leach
as Melanie
Tony Chiroldes
as Patient
Teddy Coluca
as Jimmy


Alfredo de Villa
Joshua Blum
Ian Jessel
Stephen J. Brown
Nat Moss
Alfredo de Villa
Screen Story
John Foster
Alex Menck
Musical Direction/Supervision
John Coniglio
Charlotte Bourke
Production Designer
Scott Allan Foster
Mikey Carr
Susan Leber
Jamie Askin
Associate Producer
Tonko Soljan
Associate Producer
Robert Harding
Associate Producer
R. Russell Stratton III
Associate Producer
Glenn Abbot
Associate Producer
Steven Holtzman
Associate Producer
Jijo Reed
Executive Producer
Bobby Yoshizumi
Executive Producer
Dave Scoggin
Executive Producer
Todd Courtney
Executive Producer
Amy Hobby
Executive Producer
G. Michael Harris
Executive Producer
Julia Michelle Santiago
Costume Designer
Mary Frederickson
Set Decorator
Zeke Dunn
First Assistant Director
Adrienne Stern
David Streefkerk
Sound Editor
Brian Liebman
Co-Executive Producer