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Paul Aaron directed this early exploration of homosexuality, starring Meg Foster and Perry King. King plays Albert, an illegal alien dumped by his filthy-rich boyfriend, who makes a home for himself as a squatter in an empty mansion. Foster plays Stella, a lesbian real estate agent who comes upon Albert as she is showing the house to a prospective buyer. Taking a shine to Albert, Stella takes him home to stay with her until he gets back on his feet. Hanging out with Stella, one thing leads to another, and soon they end up in the master bedroom, making mad, passionate love to each other, and they both discover that heterosexuality is not as bad as they thought. So much so, in fact, that Stella and Albert agree to marry, and they become a nice, cute middle-class couple. But then, as the two love birds settle into married life, Albert's ex suddenly returns to reek havoc upon their staid existence ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi


Perry King
as Albert Walreavens
Meg Foster
as Stella Cooke
Valerie Curtin
as Phyllis
Peter Donat
as Sills
Richard Bull
as Mr. Cooke
Barbara Collentine
as Mrs. Cooke
Guerin Barry
as Ned
Douglas Higgins
as Roger
Lisa James
as Chris
Trent Dolan
as Deputy #1
Clarke Gordon
as Mr. Taylor
Burke Byrnes
as Richard II
Sid Conrad
as Salesman
George Skaff
as Mr. Hashmoni
Philip Levien
as Chicken Man
Marie Denn
as Coordinator
Stephen Nichols
as Man at Bath
Linda Carpenter
as Chastity


Paul Aaron
Alan Belkin
Henry Olek
Philip H. Lathrop
Bob Wahler
Lynn McCallon
Lee Poll
Set Designer
Aggie Lyon
Costume Designer