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William Fichtner Movies

  • Profession: Actor
  • Born: Nov 27, 1956
  • Died: Jan 1, 0001
  • Biography: An intense, versatile performer, William Fichtner, born November 27th, 1956, emerged as a memorable character actor through his work with some of the most notable filmmakers of the 1990s and beyond. After his military brat childhood, Fichtner... Continued
Movie Role(s) Year
Independence Day: Resurgence General Adams / General Adams / General Adams 2016
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Eric Sachs 2016
The Homesman Vester Belknap 2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Eric Sacks 2014
Elysium John Carlyle 2013
The Lone Ranger Butch Cavendish 2013
Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's Narrator 2013
Wrong Master Chang 2013
Phantom Alex 2013
The Big Bang Poley 2011
Drive Angry The Accountant 2011
Date Night DA Frank Crenshaw 2010
The Dark Knight Bank Manager 2008
The Amateurs Otis 2007
Nine Lives Andrew 2007
Blades of Glory Darren MacElroy 2007
First Snow Ed 2007
Ultraviolet Garth 2006
The Chumscrubber Dr. Bill Stiffle 2005
The Longest Yard Captain Knauer 2005
Crash Flanagan 2005
Equilibrium Jurgen 2002
Black Hawk Down Delta Sgt. First Class Jeff Sanderson 2001
Go Burke 2001
What's the Worst That Could Happen? Detective Alex Tardio 2001
Pearl Harbor Danny's Father 2001
The Perfect Storm David "Sully' Sullivan 2000
Passion of Mind Aaron 2000
Drowning Mona Phil Dearly 2000
Armageddon Col. William Sharp 1998
Switchback Chief Jack McGinnis 1997
Contact Kent 1997
Albino Alligator Law 1997
Strange Days Dwayne Engleman / Dwayne Engleman 1996
Heat Van Zant 1995
Virtuosity Wallace / Wallace 1995
The Underneath Tommy Dundee 1995
Quiz Show Stage Manager / Stage Manager 1995
Malcolm X Cop at Harlem Station / Cop at Harlem Station / Cop at Harlem Station 1992
The Settlement
The Healer Henry

Worked With

Liam Hemsworth Independence Day: Resurgence 2016
Jeff Goldblum Independence Day: Resurgence 2016
Bill Pullman Independence Day: Resurgence 2016
Judd Hirsch Independence Day: Resurgence 2016
Travis Tope Independence Day: Resurgence 2016
Vivica A. Fox Independence Day: Resurgence 2016
Brent Spiner Independence Day: Resurgence 2016
Megan Fox Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 2016
Will Arnett Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 2016
Stephen Amell Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 2016
Tyler Perry Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 2016
Laura Linney Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 2016
Alan Ritchson Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 2016
Noel Fisher Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 2016
Tommy Lee Jones The Homesman 2014
Hilary Swank The Homesman 2014
Meryl Streep The Homesman 2014
Grace Gummer The Homesman 2014
Miranda Otto The Homesman 2014
Sonja Richter The Homesman 2014
Johnny Knoxville Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014
Jeremy Howard Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014
Matt Damon Elysium 2013
Jodie Foster Elysium 2013
Sharlto Copley Elysium 2013
Alice Braga Elysium 2013
Diego Luna Elysium 2013
Wagner Moura Elysium 2013
Johnny Depp The Lone Ranger 2013
Armie Hammer The Lone Ranger 2013
Tom Wilkinson The Lone Ranger 2013
Ruth Wilson The Lone Ranger 2013
Helena Bonham Carter The Lone Ranger 2013
Vera Wang Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's 2013
Joan Rivers Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's 2013
Karl Lagerfeld Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's 2013
Jack Plotnick Wrong 2013
Alexis Dziena Wrong 2013
Steve Little Wrong 2013
Ed Harris Phantom 2013
David Duchovny Phantom 2013
Lance Henriksen Phantom 2013
Johnathon Schaech Phantom 2013
Jason Beghe Phantom 2013
Antonio Banderas The Big Bang 2011
Sienna Guillory The Big Bang 2011
James Van Der Beek The Big Bang 2011
Snoop Dogg The Big Bang 2011
Autumn Reeser The Big Bang 2011
Sam Elliott The Big Bang 2011
Nicolas Cage Drive Angry 2011
Amber Heard Drive Angry 2011
Billy Burke Drive Angry 2011
David Morse Drive Angry 2011
Steve Carell Date Night 2010
Tina Fey Date Night 2010
Mark Wahlberg Date Night 2010
Taraji P. Henson Date Night 2010
Jimmi Simpson Date Night 2010
Common Date Night 2010
Christian Bale The Dark Knight 2008
Heath Ledger The Dark Knight 2008
Aaron Eckhart The Dark Knight 2008
Michael Caine The Dark Knight 2008
Maggie Gyllenhaal The Dark Knight 2008
Gary Oldman The Dark Knight 2008
Jeff Bridges The Amateurs 2007
Ted Danson The Amateurs 2007
Patrick Fugit The Amateurs 2007
Lauren Graham The Amateurs 2007
Glenne Headly The Amateurs 2007
Kathy Baker Nine Lives 2007
Amy Brenneman Nine Lives 2007
Elpidia Carrillo Nine Lives 2007
Glenn Close Nine Lives 2007
Stephen Dillane Nine Lives 2007
Dakota Fanning Nine Lives 2007
Will Ferrell Blades of Glory 2007
Jon Heder Blades of Glory 2007
Amy Poehler Blades of Glory 2007
Jenna Fischer Blades of Glory 2007
Craig T. Nelson Blades of Glory 2007
Guy Pearce First Snow 2007
Piper Perabo First Snow 2007
J.K. Simmons First Snow 2007
Shea Whigham First Snow 2007
Rick Gonzalez First Snow 2007
Milla Jovovich Ultraviolet 2006
Cameron Bright Ultraviolet 2006
Nick Chinlund Ultraviolet 2006
Jamie Bell The Chumscrubber 2005
Camilla Belle The Chumscrubber 2005
Justin Chatwin The Chumscrubber 2005
Rory Culkin The Chumscrubber 2005
Thomas Curtis The Chumscrubber 2005
Adam Sandler The Longest Yard 2005
Chris Rock The Longest Yard 2005
Burt Reynolds The Longest Yard 2005
Nelly The Longest Yard 2005
James Cromwell The Longest Yard 2005
Sandra Bullock Crash 2005
Don Cheadle Crash 2005
Matt Dillon Crash 2005
Jennifer Esposito Crash 2005
Shaun Toub Crash 2005
Brendan Fraser Crash 2005
Emily Watson Equilibrium 2002
Taye Diggs Equilibrium 2002
Angus MacFadyen Equilibrium 2002
Sean Bean Equilibrium 2002
Josh Hartnett Black Hawk Down 2001
Ewan McGregor Black Hawk Down 2001
Jason Isaacs Black Hawk Down 2001
Tom Sizemore Black Hawk Down 2001
Eric Bana Black Hawk Down 2001
Sarah Polley Go 2001
Katie Holmes Go 2001
Jay Mohr Go 2001
Scott Wolf Go 2001
Martin Lawrence What's the Worst That Could Happen? 2001
Danny DeVito What's the Worst That Could Happen? 2001
John Leguizamo What's the Worst That Could Happen? 2001
Carmen Ejogo What's the Worst That Could Happen? 2001
Bernie Mac What's the Worst That Could Happen? 2001
Ben Affleck Pearl Harbor 2001
Kate Beckinsale Pearl Harbor 2001
Cuba Gooding, Jr. Pearl Harbor 2001
Jon Voight Pearl Harbor 2001
George Clooney The Perfect Storm 2000
John C. Reilly The Perfect Storm 2000
Diane Lane The Perfect Storm 2000
John Hawkes The Perfect Storm 2000
Demi Moore Passion of Mind 2000
Stellan Skarsgård Passion of Mind 2000
Peter Riegert Passion of Mind 2000
Joss Ackland Passion of Mind 2000
Bette Midler Drowning Mona 2000
Neve Campbell Drowning Mona 2000
Jamie Lee Curtis Drowning Mona 2000
Casey Affleck Drowning Mona 2000
Bruce Willis Armageddon 1998
Billy Bob Thornton Armageddon 1998
Liv Tyler Armageddon 1998
Will Patton Armageddon 1998
Peter Stormare Armageddon 1998
Dennis Quaid Switchback 1997
Danny Glover Switchback 1997
Jared Leto Switchback 1997
R. Lee Ermey Switchback 1997
Ted Levine Switchback 1997
Matthew McConaughey Contact 1997
James Woods Contact 1997
John Hurt Contact 1997
Tom Skerritt Contact 1997
Faye Dunaway Albino Alligator 1997
Gary Sinise Albino Alligator 1997
Viggo Mortensen Albino Alligator 1997
Joe Mantegna Albino Alligator 1997
John Spencer Albino Alligator 1997
Ralph Fiennes Strange Days 1996
Angela Bassett Strange Days 1996
Juliette Lewis Strange Days 1996
Michael Wincott Strange Days 1996
Vincent D'Onofrio Strange Days 1996
Al Pacino Heat 1995
Robert De Niro Heat 1995
Val Kilmer Heat 1995
Diane Venora Heat 1995
Denzel Washington Virtuosity 1995
Kelly Lynch Virtuosity 1995
Russell Crowe Virtuosity 1995
Stephen Spinella Virtuosity 1995
William Forsythe Virtuosity 1995
Louise Fletcher Virtuosity 1995
Peter Gallagher The Underneath 1995
Alison Elliott The Underneath 1995
Adam Trese The Underneath 1995
Joe Don Baker The Underneath 1995
Elisabeth Shue The Underneath 1995
Paul Dooley The Underneath 1995
John Turturro Quiz Show 1995
Rob Morrow Quiz Show 1995
David Paymer Quiz Show 1995
Hank Azaria Quiz Show 1995
Spike Lee Malcolm X 1992
Delroy Lindo Malcolm X 1992
Albert Hall Malcolm X 1992