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Sean Young Biography

  • Profession: Actor
  • Born: Nov 20, 1959
  • Died: Jan 1, 0001

Tall, slender, and graceful brunette actress Sean Young has had a busy film career, but has yet to make it past mid-range stardom. This may be partially due to some of the negative publicity generated through her personal life. Before coming to Hollywood in 1980 to perform in Jane Austen in Manhattan, [[Performer~P166263~Young~young]] had been a New York model and a dancer. Fans of the sci-fi epic [[Feature~V5994~Blade Runner~bladerunner]] (1982) remember [[Performer~P166263~Young~young]] for playing the sympathetic "replicant" Rachael. Although she appeared in several major features by 1987, [[Performer~P166263~Young~young]] didn't get much notice as a potential star until after she co-starred with [[Performer~P15189~Kevin Costner~kevincostner]] in the thriller [[Feature~V35559~No Way Out~nowayout]] (1987). Her love scenes with Costner generated considerable heat on and off the screen. In 1989, [[Performer~P166263~Young~young]] made entertainment news when her former co-star from [[Feature~V6685~The Boost~theboost]] (1988), [[Performer~P117297~James Woods~jameswoods]], filed a harassment suit against her claiming that she had repeatedly threatened him after their affair soured. [[Performer~P166263~Young~young]] retaliated by hitting the talk show circuit to deny the claims, all the while continuing her acting career. That year, she was scheduled to play Vicki Vale in Tim Burton's Batman, but broke her collarbone during a riding scene with Michael Keaton and was replaced by Kim Bassinger, something she publicly disputed with Burton. Through the '90s, [[Performer~P166263~Young~young]] continued to appear regularly onscreen. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi