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Rob Zombie Biography

  • Profession: Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Composer (Music Score), Actor, Musical Direction/Supervision, Songwriter
  • Born: Jan 12, 1966
  • Died: Jan 1, 0001

Gleefully anarchic, the long-haired heavy metal rocker-cum-slasher-film-director Rob Zombie sustains an instantly recognizable image on par with his musical contemporaries (and friends), [[Performer~P85805~Alice Cooper~alicecooper]] and [[Performer~P105223~Ozzy Osbourne~ozzyosbourne]]. Long fascinated by [[Performer~P318167~Charles Manson~charlesmanson]], gore films, and the occult, Zombie exudes a dark sensibility that has earned him mainstream success as well as a certain cult following in the film world. Founder of the band [[Performer~P448034~White Zombie~whitezombie]], the rocker made his name behind the camera not only by directing his group's music videos, but by designing the surreal "head trip" animated sequence in [[Performer~P213433~Mike Judge~mikejudge]]'s [[Feature~V136658~Beavis and Butt-Head Do America~beavisandbuttheaddoamerica]] (1996). His first feature outing came in 2003, with the controversial [[Feature~V267163~House of 1000 Corpses~houseof1000corpses]], a kind of [[Feature~V49206~Texas Chainsaw Massacre~thetexaschainsawmassacre]] update, overloaded with buckets of gore, packed with references to '70s and '80s horror staples, and starring no less than [[Performer~P82001~Karen Black~karenblack]]. Universal rejected the picture, certain of an NC-17 rating, but Zombie refused to make cuts and still emerged with an R. [[Feature~V267163~House~houseof1000corpses]] drew critical pans but purportedly (and unsurprisingly) earned almost twice its small budget. His follow-up, 2005's [[Feature~V290584~The Devil's Rejects~thedevilsrejects]], did well critically ([[Performer~P187959~Roger Ebert~rogerebert]] commented, "The movie is not merely disgusting, but has an attitude and a subversive sense of humor.") He helmed a remake of John Carpenter's classic Halloween in 2007, and also directed a sequel to the project two years later. His return to grindhouse aesthetics came with 2012's The Lords of Salem. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi