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Paul Verhoeven Biography

  • Profession: Director, Screenwriter
  • Born: Jul 18, 1938
  • Died: Jan 1, 0001

Born in Amsterdam in 1938, some of director [[Performer~P115340~Paul Verhoeven~paulverhoeven]]'s earliest memories are of Nazi and Allied planes falling from the sky into nearby fields. [[Performer~P115340~Verhoeven~paulverhoeven]] as a child let his curiosity lead him to visit the dead pilots, potentially molding his psyche to allow for the possibility that war holds more ambiguity than right versus wrong. [[Performer~P115340~Verhoeven~paulverhoeven]]'s work is considered by many violent and misogynistic, but in looking at his films, there is a clear sense not of hatred, but of yearning for a missing piece -- of love, passion, memory, or fulfillment -- that touches all his creations. His films may not have the warm-fuzzy images that make them easy to digest. He freely admits his films are violent, not for the sake of violence, but, he says, because " is my sincere opinion film only reflects the violence of society." [[Performer~P115340~Verhoeven~paulverhoeven]] is what film buffs want most in a filmmaker, someone who is complicated, an enigma who brings his complexities to the screen.
[[Performer~P115340~Verhoeven~paulverhoeven]] earned his Ph.D. in mathematics and physics from the prestigious University of Leiden and soon joined the Royal Dutch Navy, making documentaries and short films for the military. In 1969, [[Performer~P115340~Verhoeven~paulverhoeven]] moved into fictional filmmaking with a popular Dutch TV series (Floris), in which he first cast an unknown [[Performer~P31015~Rutger Hauer~rutgerhauer]], before making his first theatrical feature, [[Feature~V142597~Business Is Business~businessisbusiness]] (1971). [[Feature~V51242~Turkish Delight~turkishdelight]] (1973), which paired him with cinematographer and frequent collaborator [[Performer~P82422~Jan de Bont~jandebont]], was his first international success; in 1999, it garnered the prestigious Netherlands Golden Calf as the Best Dutch Film of the Century. It shows [[Performer~P115340~Verhoeven~paulverhoeven]]'s first real leanings toward a reoccurring theme of erotic obsession. He followed that with Cathy Tippel (1975), a story of a young girl forced into prostitution because of her family's poverty. In 1979 he made [[Feature~V45513~Soldier of Orange~soldieroforange]], a grim coming-of-age story set during World War II, which became a staple of the more esoteric movie houses when it was released in the U.S. and later enjoyed a resurgence amongst film aficionados on VHS and DVD. With his now-favorite actor [[Performer~P31015~Rutger Hauer~rutgerhauer]], [[Performer~P115340~Verhoeven~paulverhoeven]] furthered his reputation with erotic, violence-laden adolescent fantasy [[Feature~V46059~Spetters~spetters]] (1980), about three motorcycle racers obsessed over a young woman who sells hot dogs in a concession where they race. [[Performer~P115340~Verhoeven~paulverhoeven]] spiced his suspense levels with the psycho-sexual thriller [[Feature~V269~The Fourth Man~thefourthman]] (1983) about a bisexual writer, overwhelmed by his attraction to a beautiful hairdresser. The director's first English-language film was [[Feature~V17769~Flesh + Blood~flesh+blood]] (1985), a 16th century adventure film re-titled [[Feature~V17769~The Sword and the Rose~flesh+blood]] in re-release; it involves kidnapping and revenge, with a little plague thrown in for fun. [[Performer~P115340~Verhoeven~paulverhoeven]] moved to international attention with [[Feature~V41702~Robocop~robocop]] (1986), the story of a cop brought back to life by technology and haunted by memories of his past. [[Performer~P68496~Sharon Stone~sharonstone]], a supporting actress in his 1990 release [[Feature~V50523~Total Recall~totalrecall]], starred in [[Performer~P115340~Verhoeven~paulverhoeven]]'s most notorious film, [[Feature~V4149~Basic Instinct~basicinstinct]] (1992). Utilizing much of the premise of his earlier [[Feature~V269~The Fourth Man~thefourthman]], [[Performer~P115340~Verhoeven~paulverhoeven]] managed to combine many of his past sub themes -- political duplicity, urban decay, sexual ambiguity, appalling violence, and abnormality lurking within normality, to his highest commercial and critical acclaim. [[Performer~P115340~Verhoeven~paulverhoeven]]'s 1995 film [[Feature~V135793~Showgirls~showgirls]], about Vegas showgirls trying to overcome difficult life choices, was equally controversial and almost universally panned by critics and the public. In 1997, he returned to the sci-fi action/adventure mode with [[Feature~V158876~Starship Troopers~starshiptroopers]]. Though a critical flop, [[Feature~V158876~Troopers~starshiptroopers]] was lauded for its groundbreaking special effects, showcasing amazing gigantic bugs and their battle scenes with human soldiers sent to obliterate them. [[Performer~P115340~Verhoeven~paulverhoeven]] delved further into the sci-fi jumbo-effects genre with his next film, [[Feature~V187128~Hollow Man~hollowman]]. [[Performer~P3164~Kevin Bacon~kevinbacon]] starred in the remake of the [[Performer~P214753~H.G. Wells~hgwells]] classic of moral deterioration that occurs after experimenting with human invisibility. He would continue to direct in the years to come, helming films like Black Book. ~ Rovi