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Matt Damon Movies

  • Profession: Actor, Executive Producer
  • Born: Oct 8, 1970
  • Died: Jan 1, 0001
  • Biography: One who graduated from obscure actor to Hollywood icon in just a few years, Matt Damon became an instant sensation when he co-wrote and starred in Good Will Hunting with longtime buddy and collaborator Ben Affleck.

    A native of Cambridge... Continued
Movie Role(s) Year
Jason Bourne Jason Bourne / Producer / Screenwriter 2016
The Martian Mark Watney 2015
Interstellar Dr. Mann 2014
The Zero Theorem Management 2014
The Monuments Men James Granger 2014
Elysium Max Da Costa 2013
Promised Land Steve Butler / Producer / Screenwriter 2012
All In: The Poker Movie 2012
We Bought a Zoo Benjamin Mee 2011
Happy Feet Two Bill the Krill 2011
Margaret Mr. Aaron 2011
Contagion Mitch Emhoff 2011
Gerry Gerry / Screenwriter 2011
The Adjustment Bureau David Norris 2011
True Grit LaBoeuf 2010
Hereafter George Lonegan 2010
Inside Job Narrator 2010
Green Zone Roy Miller 2010
Invictus Francois Pienaar 2009
The Informant! Mark Whitacre 2009
Ponyo Koichi (English Version) 2009
Che Guest 2008
Che, Part 1 Guest 2008
The Bourne Ultimatum Jason Bourne 2007
Ocean's Thirteen Linus Caldwell / Lenny Pepperidge 2007
The Good Shepherd Edward Wilson 2006
The Departed Colin Sullivan 2006
Syriana Bryan Woodman 2005
Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D 2005
The Brothers Grimm Will Grimm 2005
Ocean's Twelve Linus Caldwell 2004
The Bourne Supremacy David Webb/Jason Bourne 2004
Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train Narrator 2004
Stuck on You Bob Tenor 2003
The Battle of Shaker Heights Executive Producer 2003
The Bourne Identity Jason Bourne 2002
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron Spirit 2002
Stolen Summer Executive Producer / Producer 2002
The Majestic Luke Trimble 2001
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Himself / Will Hunting 2001
Finding Forrester 2000
All the Pretty Horses John Grady Cole 2000
The Legend of Bagger Vance Rannulph Junuh 2000
Titan A.E. Cale 2000
Dogma Loki 2000
The Talented Mr. Ripley Tom Ripley 1999
Rounders Mike McDermott 1998
Saving Private Ryan Pvt. James Ryan 1998
Good Will Hunting Will Hunting / Screen Story / Screenwriter 1997
The Rainmaker Rudy Baylor 1997
Chasing Amy 1997
Courage Under Fire Ilario 1996
Geronimo: An American Legend Lieutenant Britton Davis 1993
School Ties Charlie Dillon 1992
Mystic Pizza Steamer / Steamer 1990
Ocean's Eleven Linus Caldwell 1960
Glory Daze Edgar Pudwhacker / Edgar Pudwhacker
Sleeper Producer

Worked With

Julia Stiles Jason Bourne 2016
Tommy Lee Jones Jason Bourne 2016
Alicia Vikander Jason Bourne 2016
Vincent Cassel Jason Bourne 2016
Riz Ahmed Jason Bourne 2016
Jessica Chastain The Martian 2015
Kristen Wiig The Martian 2015
Jeff Daniels The Martian 2015
Michael Peña The Martian 2015
Kate Mara The Martian 2015
Matthew McConaughey Interstellar 2014
Anne Hathaway Interstellar 2014
Michael Caine Interstellar 2014
Casey Affleck Interstellar 2014
Topher Grace Interstellar 2014
Christoph Waltz The Zero Theorem 2014
Mélanie Thierry The Zero Theorem 2014
David Thewlis The Zero Theorem 2014
Lucas Hedges The Zero Theorem 2014
Tilda Swinton The Zero Theorem 2014
Ben Whishaw The Zero Theorem 2014
George Clooney The Monuments Men 2014
Bill Murray The Monuments Men 2014
John Goodman The Monuments Men 2014
Jean Dujardin The Monuments Men 2014
Bob Balaban The Monuments Men 2014
Jodie Foster Elysium 2013
Sharlto Copley Elysium 2013
Alice Braga Elysium 2013
Diego Luna Elysium 2013
Wagner Moura Elysium 2013
John Krasinski Promised Land 2012
Frances McDormand Promised Land 2012
Rosemarie DeWitt Promised Land 2012
Hal Holbrook Promised Land 2012
Scoot McNairy Promised Land 2012
Ira Glass All In: The Poker Movie 2012
Scarlett Johansson We Bought a Zoo 2011
Thomas Haden Church We Bought a Zoo 2011
Colin Ford We Bought a Zoo 2011
Angus MacFadyen We Bought a Zoo 2011
Elijah Wood Happy Feet Two 2011
Robin Williams Happy Feet Two 2011
Hank Azaria Happy Feet Two 2011
Brad Pitt Happy Feet Two 2011
Anna Paquin Margaret 2011
Mark Ruffalo Margaret 2011
Jean Reno Margaret 2011
Matthew Broderick Margaret 2011
Marion Cotillard Contagion 2011
Laurence Fishburne Contagion 2011
Jude Law Contagion 2011
Gwyneth Paltrow Contagion 2011
Kate Winslet Contagion 2011
Emily Blunt The Adjustment Bureau 2011
Anthony Mackie The Adjustment Bureau 2011
John Slattery The Adjustment Bureau 2011
Michael Kelly The Adjustment Bureau 2011
Terence Stamp The Adjustment Bureau 2011
Jeff Bridges True Grit 2010
Josh Brolin True Grit 2010
Hailee Steinfeld True Grit 2010
Barry Pepper True Grit 2010
Cécile De France Hereafter 2010
Jay Mohr Hereafter 2010
Bryce Dallas Howard Hereafter 2010
Greg Kinnear Green Zone 2010
Brendan Gleeson Green Zone 2010
Amy Ryan Green Zone 2010
Khalid Abdalla Green Zone 2010
Jason Isaacs Green Zone 2010
Morgan Freeman Invictus 2009
Scott Bakula The Informant! 2009
Joel McHale The Informant! 2009
Melanie Lynskey The Informant! 2009
Rick Overton The Informant! 2009
Tom Papa The Informant! 2009
Noah Cyrus Ponyo 2009
Frankie Jonas Ponyo 2009
Tina Fey Ponyo 2009
Benicio Del Toro Che 2008
Demián Bichir Che 2008
Santiago Cabrera Che 2008
Jorge Perugorría Che 2008
Edgar Ramirez Che 2008
Victor Rasuk Che 2008
Javier Bardem Che, Part 1 2008
Julia Ormond Che, Part 1 2008
Franka Potente Che, Part 1 2008
David Strathairn The Bourne Ultimatum 2007
Scott Glenn The Bourne Ultimatum 2007
Paddy Considine The Bourne Ultimatum 2007
Andy Garcia Ocean's Thirteen 2007
Don Cheadle Ocean's Thirteen 2007
Angelina Jolie The Good Shepherd 2006
Alec Baldwin The Good Shepherd 2006
Tammy Blanchard The Good Shepherd 2006
Billy Crudup The Good Shepherd 2006
Robert De Niro The Good Shepherd 2006
Leonardo DiCaprio The Departed 2006
Jack Nicholson The Departed 2006
Mark Wahlberg The Departed 2006
Martin Sheen The Departed 2006
Ray Winstone The Departed 2006
Jeffrey Wright Syriana 2005
Chris Cooper Syriana 2005
William Hurt Syriana 2005
Tim Blake Nelson Syriana 2005
Heath Ledger The Brothers Grimm 2005
Jonathan Pryce The Brothers Grimm 2005
Lena Headey The Brothers Grimm 2005
Peter Stormare The Brothers Grimm 2005
Monica Bellucci The Brothers Grimm 2005
Catherine Zeta-Jones Ocean's Twelve 2004
Brian Cox The Bourne Supremacy 2004
Karl Urban The Bourne Supremacy 2004
Gabriel Mann The Bourne Supremacy 2004
Howard Zinn Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train 2004
Noam Chomsky Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train 2004
Tom Hayden Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train 2004
Daniel Ellsberg Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train 2004
Eva Mendes Stuck on You 2003
Shia LaBeouf The Battle of Shaker Heights 2003
Elden Henson The Battle of Shaker Heights 2003
Amy Smart The Battle of Shaker Heights 2003
Kathleen Quinlan The Battle of Shaker Heights 2003
Shiri Appleby The Battle of Shaker Heights 2003
Clive Owen The Bourne Identity 2002
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje The Bourne Identity 2002
James Cromwell Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron 2002
Donald Fullilove Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron 2002
Aidan Quinn Stolen Summer 2002
Bonnie Hunt Stolen Summer 2002
Kevin Pollak Stolen Summer 2002
Eddie Kaye Thomas Stolen Summer 2002
Jim Carrey The Majestic 2001
Martin Landau The Majestic 2001
Karl Bury The Majestic 2001
Jeffrey DeMunn The Majestic 2001
Kevin Smith Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001
Jason Mewes Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001
Shannen Doherty Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001
Ben Affleck Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001
James Van Der Beek Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001
Sean Connery Finding Forrester 2000
Rob Brown Finding Forrester 2000
F. Murray Abraham Finding Forrester 2000
Busta Rhymes Finding Forrester 2000
April Grace Finding Forrester 2000
Henry Thomas All the Pretty Horses 2000
Lucas Black All the Pretty Horses 2000
Penélope Cruz All the Pretty Horses 2000
Rubén Blades All the Pretty Horses 2000
Robert Patrick All the Pretty Horses 2000
Will Smith The Legend of Bagger Vance 2000
Charlize Theron The Legend of Bagger Vance 2000
Bruce McGill The Legend of Bagger Vance 2000
Joel Gretsch The Legend of Bagger Vance 2000
Drew Barrymore Titan A.E. 2000
Bill Pullman Titan A.E. 2000
John Leguizamo Titan A.E. 2000
Nathan Lane Titan A.E. 2000
Janeane Garofalo Titan A.E. 2000
George Carlin Dogma 2000
Linda Fiorentino Dogma 2000
Salma Hayek Dogma 2000
Jason Lee Dogma 2000
Cate Blanchett The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999
Philip Seymour Hoffman The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999
Jack Davenport The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999
Edward Norton Rounders 1998
John Turturro Rounders 1998
Gretchen Mol Rounders 1998
Famke Janssen Rounders 1998
John Malkovich Rounders 1998
Tom Hanks Saving Private Ryan 1998
Edward Burns Saving Private Ryan 1998
Tom Sizemore Saving Private Ryan 1998
Jeremy Davies Saving Private Ryan 1998
Vin Diesel Saving Private Ryan 1998
Adam Goldberg Saving Private Ryan 1998
Minnie Driver Good Will Hunting 1997
Stellan Skarsgård Good Will Hunting 1997
Claire Danes The Rainmaker 1997
Jon Voight The Rainmaker 1997
Mary Kay Place The Rainmaker 1997
Mickey Rourke The Rainmaker 1997
Danny DeVito The Rainmaker 1997
Joey Lauren Adams Chasing Amy 1997
Denzel Washington Courage Under Fire 1996
Meg Ryan Courage Under Fire 1996
Lou Diamond Phillips Courage Under Fire 1996
Michael Moriarty Courage Under Fire 1996
Bronson Pinchot Courage Under Fire 1996
Jason Patric Geronimo: An American Legend 1993
Gene Hackman Geronimo: An American Legend 1993
Robert Duvall Geronimo: An American Legend 1993
Wes Studi Geronimo: An American Legend 1993
Brendan Fraser School Ties 1992
Chris O'Donnell School Ties 1992
Randall Batinkoff School Ties 1992
Andrew Lowery School Ties 1992
Amy Locane School Ties 1992
Cole Hauser School Ties 1992
Annabeth Gish Mystic Pizza 1990
Julia Roberts Mystic Pizza 1990
Lili Taylor Mystic Pizza 1990
Vincent D'Onofrio Mystic Pizza 1990