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John Toll Movies

  • Profession: Cinematographer, Camera Operator
  • Born: Jan 1, 0001
  • Died: Jan 1, 0001
  • Biography: Cinematographer John Toll began his career by shooting a pair of low-budget exploitation movies in the early '70s, only to drop out and re-emerge as a camera operator on the film [[Feature~V50294~Tom Horn~tomhorn]] in 1979. He graduated to director... Continued
Movie Role(s) Year
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Composer (Music Score) / Composer (Music Score) 2016
Jupiter Ascending Cinematographer 2015
Jack Cinematographer 2014
Iron Man 3 Cinematographer 2013
Cloud Atlas Cinematographer 2012
The Odd Life of Timothy Green Cinematographer 2012
The Adjustment Bureau Cinematographer 2011
It's Complicated Cinematographer 2009
The Burning Plain Cinematographer 2009
Tropic Thunder Cinematographer 2008
Shine a Light Camera Operator 2008
The Man Who Shot Chinatown: The Life and Work of John A. Alonzo 2007
Gone Baby Gone Cinematographer 2007
Rise: Blood Hunter Cinematographer 2007
Seraphim Falls Cinematographer 2007
Elizabethtown Cinematographer 2005
The Last Samurai Cinematographer 2003
Captain Corelli's Mandolin Cinematographer 2001
Almost Famous Cinematographer 2001
Simpatico Cinematographer 1999
The Thin Red Line Cinematographer 1999
The Rainmaker Cinematographer 1997
Braveheart Cinematographer 1995
Legends of the Fall Cinematographer 1994
Wind Cinematographer 1992
Peggy Sue Got Married Camera Operator 1987
Black Widow Camera Operator 1987
The Last Waltz Camera Operator 1978
Cinematographer Style
Zorro, the Gay Blade Camera Operator
Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip Cinematographer
The Hoax Cinematographer

Worked With

Kristen Stewart Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk 2016
Chris Tucker Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk 2016
Garrett Hedlund Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk 2016
Makenzie Leigh Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk 2016
Vin Diesel Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk 2016
Mila Kunis Jupiter Ascending 2015
Channing Tatum Jupiter Ascending 2015
Sean Bean Jupiter Ascending 2015
Eddie Redmayne Jupiter Ascending 2015
Douglas Booth Jupiter Ascending 2015
Tuppence Middleton Jupiter Ascending 2015
Robin Williams Jack 2014
Diane Lane Jack 2014
Jennifer Lopez Jack 2014
Brian Kerwin Jack 2014
Fran Drescher Jack 2014
Bill Cosby Jack 2014
Robert Downey, Jr. Iron Man 3 2013
Gwyneth Paltrow Iron Man 3 2013
Don Cheadle Iron Man 3 2013
Guy Pearce Iron Man 3 2013
Rebecca Hall Iron Man 3 2013
Jon Favreau Iron Man 3 2013
Tom Hanks Cloud Atlas 2012
Halle Berry Cloud Atlas 2012
Jim Broadbent Cloud Atlas 2012
Hugo Weaving Cloud Atlas 2012
Jim Sturgess Cloud Atlas 2012
Bae Doo-na Cloud Atlas 2012
Jennifer Garner The Odd Life of Timothy Green 2012
Joel Edgerton The Odd Life of Timothy Green 2012
Dianne Wiest The Odd Life of Timothy Green 2012
CJ Adams The Odd Life of Timothy Green 2012
Rosemarie DeWitt The Odd Life of Timothy Green 2012
Ron Livingston The Odd Life of Timothy Green 2012
Matt Damon The Adjustment Bureau 2011
Emily Blunt The Adjustment Bureau 2011
Anthony Mackie The Adjustment Bureau 2011
John Slattery The Adjustment Bureau 2011
Michael Kelly The Adjustment Bureau 2011
Terence Stamp The Adjustment Bureau 2011
Meryl Streep It's Complicated 2009
Steve Martin It's Complicated 2009
Alec Baldwin It's Complicated 2009
Lake Bell It's Complicated 2009
John Krasinski It's Complicated 2009
Mary Kay Place It's Complicated 2009
Charlize Theron The Burning Plain 2009
Kim Basinger The Burning Plain 2009
Joaquim de Almeida The Burning Plain 2009
John Corbett The Burning Plain 2009
Robin Tunney The Burning Plain 2009
Brett Cullen The Burning Plain 2009
Ben Stiller Tropic Thunder 2008
Jack Black Tropic Thunder 2008
Nick Nolte Tropic Thunder 2008
Steve Coogan Tropic Thunder 2008
Jay Baruchel Tropic Thunder 2008
Mick Jagger Shine a Light 2008
Keith Richards Shine a Light 2008
Charlie Watts Shine a Light 2008
Ronnie Wood Shine a Light 2008
Christina Aguilera Shine a Light 2008
Buddy Guy Shine a Light 2008
William Friedkin The Man Who Shot Chinatown: The Life and Work of John A. Alonzo 2007
Casey Affleck Gone Baby Gone 2007
Michelle Monaghan Gone Baby Gone 2007
Morgan Freeman Gone Baby Gone 2007
Ed Harris Gone Baby Gone 2007
John Ashton Gone Baby Gone 2007
Amy Ryan Gone Baby Gone 2007
Lucy Liu Rise: Blood Hunter 2007
Michael Chiklis Rise: Blood Hunter 2007
Carla Gugino Rise: Blood Hunter 2007
James D'Arcy Rise: Blood Hunter 2007
Samaire Armstrong Rise: Blood Hunter 2007
Robert Forster Rise: Blood Hunter 2007
Liam Neeson Seraphim Falls 2007
Pierce Brosnan Seraphim Falls 2007
Anjelica Huston Seraphim Falls 2007
Michael Wincott Seraphim Falls 2007
Robert Baker Seraphim Falls 2007
Ed Lauter Seraphim Falls 2007
Orlando Bloom Elizabethtown 2005
Kirsten Dunst Elizabethtown 2005
Susan Sarandon Elizabethtown 2005
Judy Greer Elizabethtown 2005
Jessica Biel Elizabethtown 2005
Tom Cruise The Last Samurai 2003
Timothy Spall The Last Samurai 2003
Ken Watanabe The Last Samurai 2003
Billy Connolly The Last Samurai 2003
Tony Goldwyn The Last Samurai 2003
Hiroyuki Sanada The Last Samurai 2003
Nicolas Cage Captain Corelli's Mandolin 2001
Penélope Cruz Captain Corelli's Mandolin 2001
John Hurt Captain Corelli's Mandolin 2001
Christian Bale Captain Corelli's Mandolin 2001
David Morrissey Captain Corelli's Mandolin 2001
Patrick Fugit Almost Famous 2001
Billy Crudup Almost Famous 2001
Frances McDormand Almost Famous 2001
Kate Hudson Almost Famous 2001
Jason Lee Almost Famous 2001
Philip Seymour Hoffman Almost Famous 2001
Jeff Bridges Simpatico 1999
Sharon Stone Simpatico 1999
Catherine Keener Simpatico 1999
Albert Finney Simpatico 1999
Shawn Hatosy Simpatico 1999
Sean Penn The Thin Red Line 1999
Adrien Brody The Thin Red Line 1999
James Caviezel The Thin Red Line 1999
Ben Chaplin The Thin Red Line 1999
George Clooney The Thin Red Line 1999
John Cusack The Thin Red Line 1999
Claire Danes The Rainmaker 1997
Jon Voight The Rainmaker 1997
Mickey Rourke The Rainmaker 1997
Danny DeVito The Rainmaker 1997
Mel Gibson Braveheart 1995
Sophie Marceau Braveheart 1995
Catherine McCormack Braveheart 1995
Brendan Gleeson Braveheart 1995
Brad Pitt Legends of the Fall 1994
Anthony Hopkins Legends of the Fall 1994
Aidan Quinn Legends of the Fall 1994
Henry Thomas Legends of the Fall 1994
Julia Ormond Legends of the Fall 1994
Matthew Modine Wind 1992
Jennifer Grey Wind 1992
Stellan Skarsgård Wind 1992
Rebecca Miller Wind 1992
Ned Vaughn Wind 1992
Cliff Robertson Wind 1992
Jack Thompson Wind 1992
Kathleen Turner Peggy Sue Got Married 1987
Barry Miller Peggy Sue Got Married 1987
Catherine Hicks Peggy Sue Got Married 1987
Joan Allen Peggy Sue Got Married 1987
Kevin J. O'Connor Peggy Sue Got Married 1987
Debra Winger Black Widow 1987
Theresa Russell Black Widow 1987
Dennis Hopper Black Widow 1987
Terry O'Quinn Black Widow 1987
Diane Ladd Black Widow 1987
Bob Dylan The Last Waltz 1978
Van Morrison The Last Waltz 1978
Emmylou Harris The Last Waltz 1978
Neil Young The Last Waltz 1978
Ringo Starr The Last Waltz 1978
Eric Clapton The Last Waltz 1978