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James Newton Howard Movies

  • Profession: Composer (Music Score)
  • Born: Jun 9, 1951
  • Died: Jan 1, 0001
  • Biography: Throughout his prolific career, composer/musician/songwriter James Newton Howard has scored films of all scales and genres, earning multiple award nominations for his work. Los Angeles-born Howard began studying music as a small child and went on... Continued
Movie Role(s) Year
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Composer (Music Score) / Composer (Music Score) / Composer (Music Score) 2016
The Huntsman: Winter's War Composer (Music Score) 2016
Concussion Composer (Music Score) 2015
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 Composer (Music Score) 2015
Pawn Sacrifice Composer (Music Score) 2015
Cut Bank Composer (Music Score) 2015
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 Composer (Music Score) 2014
Nightcrawler Composer (Music Score) 2014
Maleficent Composer (Music Score) 2014
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Composer (Music Score) 2013
Parkland Composer (Music Score) 2013
After Earth Composer (Music Score) 2013
The Bourne Legacy Composer (Music Score) 2012
Snow White and the Huntsman Composer (Music Score) 2012
Darling Companion Composer (Music Score) 2012
The Hunger Games Composer (Music Score) 2012
Larry Crowne Composer (Music Score) 2011
Green Lantern Composer (Music Score) 2011
Water for Elephants Composer (Music Score) 2011
Gnomeo & Juliet Composer (Music Score) 2011
The Green Hornet Composer (Music Score) 2011
The Tourist Composer (Music Score) 2010
Love and Other Drugs Composer (Music Score) 2010
Inhale Composer (Music Score) 2010
Nanny McPhee Returns Composer (Music Score) 2010
Salt Composer (Music Score) 2010
The Last Airbender Composer (Music Score) 2010
Youssou N'Dour: I Bring What I Love Composer (Music Score) 2009
Duplicity Composer (Music Score) 2009
Confessions of a Shopaholic Composer (Music Score) 2009
Defiance Composer (Music Score) 2008
The Dark Knight Composer (Music Score) 2008
The Happening Composer (Music Score) 2008
Mad Money Composer (Music Score) 2008
The Great Debaters Composer (Music Score) 2007
The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep Composer (Music Score) 2007
Charlie Wilson's War Composer (Music Score) 2007
I Am Legend Composer (Music Score) 2007
Michael Clayton Composer (Music Score) 2007
The Lookout Composer (Music Score) 2007
Blood Diamond Composer (Music Score) 2006
Lady in the Water Composer (Music Score) 2006
RV Composer (Music Score) 2006
Freedomland Composer (Music Score) 2006
King Kong Composer (Music Score) 2005
Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D Composer (Music Score) 2005
The Interpreter Composer (Music Score) 2005
Collateral Composer (Music Score) 2004
The Village Composer (Music Score) 2004
Hidalgo Composer (Music Score) 2004
Peter Pan Composer (Music Score) 2003
Dreamcatcher Composer (Music Score) 2003
Treasure Planet Composer (Music Score) 2003
The Emperor's Club Composer (Music Score) 2002
Signs Composer (Music Score) 2002
Big Trouble Composer (Music Score) 2002
Atlantis: The Lost Empire Composer (Music Score) 2001
America's Sweethearts Composer (Music Score) 2001
Vertical Limit Composer (Music Score) 2000
Unbreakable Composer (Music Score) 2000
Dinosaur Composer (Music Score) 2000
Snow Falling on Cedars Composer (Music Score) 1999
Stir of Echoes Composer (Music Score) 1999
Mumford Composer (Music Score) 1999
The Sixth Sense Composer (Music Score) 1999
Runaway Bride Composer (Music Score) 1999
A Perfect Murder Composer (Music Score) 1998
My Best Friend's Wedding Composer (Music Score) 1997
The Devil's Advocate Composer (Music Score) 1997
Fathers' Day Composer (Music Score) 1997
Dante's Peak Composer (Music Score) 1997
Space Jam Composer (Music Score) 1997
One Fine Day Songwriter 1996
The Rich Man's Wife Songwriter 1996
The Trigger Effect Composer (Music Score) / Songwriter 1996
Primal Fear Composer (Music Score) 1996
The Juror Composer (Music Score) 1996
Restoration Composer (Music Score) 1995
The Postman Composer (Music Score) 1995
Waterworld Composer (Music Score) 1995
French Kiss Composer (Music Score) / Songwriter 1995
Outbreak Composer (Music Score) 1995
Just Cause Composer (Music Score) 1995
Junior Composer (Music Score) 1994
Wyatt Earp Composer (Music Score) 1994
Intersection Composer (Music Score) 1994
The Fugitive Composer (Music Score) 1993
The Saint of Fort Washington Composer (Music Score) 1993
American Heart Composer (Music Score) 1993
Dave Composer (Music Score) 1993
Falling Down Composer (Music Score) 1993
Alive Composer (Music Score) 1993
Night and the City Composer (Music Score) 1992
Glengarry Glen Ross Composer (Music Score) 1992
Diggstown Composer (Music Score) 1992
The Prince of Tides Composer (Music Score) 1991
My Girl Composer (Music Score) 1991
The Man in the Moon Composer (Music Score) 1991
Dying Young Composer (Music Score) 1991
Guilty by Suspicion Composer (Music Score) 1991
King Ralph Composer (Music Score) 1991
Grand Canyon Composer (Music Score) 1991
Three Men and a Little Lady Composer (Music Score) 1990
Marked for Death Composer (Music Score) 1990
Flatliners Composer (Music Score) 1990
Major League Composer (Music Score) 1990
Pretty Woman Composer (Music Score) 1990
Coupe De Ville Composer (Music Score) 1990
The Package Composer (Music Score) 1989
Tap Composer (Music Score) 1989
Everybody's All-American Composer (Music Score) 1988
Off Limits Composer (Music Score) 1988
Five Corners Composer (Music Score) 1988
Promised Land Composer (Music Score) 1988
Russkies Composer (Music Score) 1987
Campus Man Composer (Music Score) 1987
No Mercy Composer (Music Score) 1986
Nobody's Fool Composer (Music Score) 1986
Tough Guys Composer (Music Score) 1986
8 Million Ways to Die Composer (Music Score) 1986
Wildcats Composer (Music Score) / Songwriter 1986
Head Office Composer (Music Score) 1986
Eye for an Eye Composer (Music Score) 1900
Never Too Young to Die Composer (Music Score)
Calling Hedy Lamarr Composer (Music Score)
Carolina Moon Music Producer
Wayward Son Composer (Music Score)
Batman Begins Composer (Music Score)

Worked With

Eddie Redmayne Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016
Katherine Waterston Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016
Ezra Miller Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016
Colin Farrell Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016
Samantha Morton Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016
Dan Fogler Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016
Chris Hemsworth The Huntsman: Winter's War 2016
Charlize Theron The Huntsman: Winter's War 2016
Jessica Chastain The Huntsman: Winter's War 2016
Emily Blunt The Huntsman: Winter's War 2016
Nick Frost The Huntsman: Winter's War 2016
Sam Claflin The Huntsman: Winter's War 2016
Rob Brydon The Huntsman: Winter's War 2016
Will Smith Concussion 2015
Gugu Mbatha-Raw Concussion 2015
Stephen Moyer Concussion 2015
Alec Baldwin Concussion 2015
Albert Brooks Concussion 2015
David Morse Concussion 2015
Eddie Marsan Concussion 2015
Jennifer Lawrence The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 2015
Natalie Dormer The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 2015
Julianne Moore The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 2015
Wes Chatham The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 2015
Elden Henson The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 2015
Robert Knepper The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 2015
Tobey Maguire Pawn Sacrifice 2015
Lily Rabe Pawn Sacrifice 2015
Peter Sarsgaard Pawn Sacrifice 2015
Liev Schreiber Pawn Sacrifice 2015
Michael Stuhlbarg Pawn Sacrifice 2015
Robin Weigert Pawn Sacrifice 2015
Liam Hemsworth Cut Bank 2015
Teresa Palmer Cut Bank 2015
John Malkovich Cut Bank 2015
Billy Bob Thornton Cut Bank 2015
Bruce Dern Cut Bank 2015
Josh Hutcherson The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 2014
Donald Sutherland The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 2014
Jake Gyllenhaal Nightcrawler 2014
Rene Russo Nightcrawler 2014
Bill Paxton Nightcrawler 2014
Riz Ahmed Nightcrawler 2014
Michael Papajohn Nightcrawler 2014
Marco Rodriguez Nightcrawler 2014
Angelina Jolie Maleficent 2014
Sharlto Copley Maleficent 2014
Elle Fanning Maleficent 2014
Sam Riley Maleficent 2014
Imelda Staunton Maleficent 2014
Elizabeth Banks The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 2013
Stanley Tucci The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 2013
Woody Harrelson The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 2013
Zac Efron Parkland 2013
Paul Giamatti Parkland 2013
Jacki Weaver Parkland 2013
Jeremy Strong Parkland 2013
Marcia Gay Harden Parkland 2013
Jaden Smith After Earth 2013
Zoe Kravitz After Earth 2013
Sophie Okonedo After Earth 2013
Sacha Dhawan After Earth 2013
Jeremy Renner The Bourne Legacy 2012
Edward Norton The Bourne Legacy 2012
Rachel Weisz The Bourne Legacy 2012
Joan Allen The Bourne Legacy 2012
Albert Finney The Bourne Legacy 2012
Stacy Keach The Bourne Legacy 2012
Kristen Stewart Snow White and the Huntsman 2012
Peter Ferdinando Snow White and the Huntsman 2012
Sam Spruell Snow White and the Huntsman 2012
Ian McShane Snow White and the Huntsman 2012
Kevin Kline Darling Companion 2012
Diane Keaton Darling Companion 2012
Richard Jenkins Darling Companion 2012
Dianne Wiest Darling Companion 2012
Sam Shepard Darling Companion 2012
Elisabeth Moss Darling Companion 2012
Lenny Kravitz The Hunger Games 2012
Tom Hanks Larry Crowne 2011
Julia Roberts Larry Crowne 2011
Bryan Cranston Larry Crowne 2011
Cedric the Entertainer Larry Crowne 2011
Taraji P. Henson Larry Crowne 2011
Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern 2011
Blake Lively Green Lantern 2011
Mark Strong Green Lantern 2011
Tim Robbins Green Lantern 2011
Jay O. Sanders Green Lantern 2011
Reese Witherspoon Water for Elephants 2011
Robert Pattinson Water for Elephants 2011
Christoph Waltz Water for Elephants 2011
Paul Schneider Water for Elephants 2011
Jim Norton Water for Elephants 2011
Hal Holbrook Water for Elephants 2011
James McAvoy Gnomeo & Juliet 2011
Ashley Jensen Gnomeo & Juliet 2011
Michael Caine Gnomeo & Juliet 2011
Matt Lucas Gnomeo & Juliet 2011
Jim Cummings Gnomeo & Juliet 2011
Seth Rogen The Green Hornet 2011
Jay Chou The Green Hornet 2011
Cameron Diaz The Green Hornet 2011
Tom Wilkinson The Green Hornet 2011
David Harbour The Green Hornet 2011
Johnny Depp The Tourist 2010
Paul Bettany The Tourist 2010
Timothy Dalton The Tourist 2010
Steven Berkoff The Tourist 2010
Rufus Sewell The Tourist 2010
Anne Hathaway Love and Other Drugs 2010
Oliver Platt Love and Other Drugs 2010
Hank Azaria Love and Other Drugs 2010
Josh Gad Love and Other Drugs 2010
Gabriel Macht Love and Other Drugs 2010
Dermot Mulroney Inhale 2010
Diane Kruger Inhale 2010
Jordi Mollà Inhale 2010
Vincent Perez Inhale 2010
Emma Thompson Nanny McPhee Returns 2010
Maggie Gyllenhaal Nanny McPhee Returns 2010
Rhys Ifans Nanny McPhee Returns 2010
Maggie Smith Nanny McPhee Returns 2010
Asa Butterfield Nanny McPhee Returns 2010
Ralph Fiennes Nanny McPhee Returns 2010
Chiwetel Ejiofor Salt 2010
August Diehl Salt 2010
Noah Ringer The Last Airbender 2010
Nicola Peltz The Last Airbender 2010
Dev Patel The Last Airbender 2010
Jackson Rathbone The Last Airbender 2010
Shaun Toub The Last Airbender 2010
Aasif Mandvi The Last Airbender 2010
Youssou N'Dour Youssou N'Dour: I Bring What I Love 2009
Peter Gabriel Youssou N'Dour: I Bring What I Love 2009
Clive Owen Duplicity 2009
Lisa Roberts Gillan Duplicity 2009
Isla Fisher Confessions of a Shopaholic 2009
Hugh Dancy Confessions of a Shopaholic 2009
Joan Cusack Confessions of a Shopaholic 2009
John Goodman Confessions of a Shopaholic 2009
John Lithgow Confessions of a Shopaholic 2009
Kristin Scott Thomas Confessions of a Shopaholic 2009
Daniel Craig Defiance 2008
Jamie Bell Defiance 2008
Alexa Davalos Defiance 2008
Alan Corduner Defiance 2008
Mark Feuerstein Defiance 2008
Christian Bale The Dark Knight 2008
Heath Ledger The Dark Knight 2008
Aaron Eckhart The Dark Knight 2008
Gary Oldman The Dark Knight 2008
Mark Wahlberg The Happening 2008
Zooey Deschanel The Happening 2008
John Leguizamo The Happening 2008
Betty Buckley The Happening 2008
Spencer Breslin The Happening 2008
Queen Latifah Mad Money 2008
Katie Holmes Mad Money 2008
Ted Danson Mad Money 2008
Stephen Root Mad Money 2008
Christopher McDonald Mad Money 2008
Denzel Washington The Great Debaters 2007
Forest Whitaker The Great Debaters 2007
Nate Parker The Great Debaters 2007
Jurnee Smollett The Great Debaters 2007
Denzel Whitaker The Great Debaters 2007
Jermaine Williams The Great Debaters 2007
Emily Watson The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep 2007
Alex Etel The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep 2007
Ben Chaplin The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep 2007
David Morrissey The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep 2007
Philip Seymour Hoffman Charlie Wilson's War 2007
Amy Adams Charlie Wilson's War 2007
Ned Beatty Charlie Wilson's War 2007
Alice Braga I Am Legend 2007
Charlie Tahan I Am Legend 2007
Salli Richardson-Whitfield I Am Legend 2007
Willow Smith I Am Legend 2007
Darrell Foster I Am Legend 2007
George Clooney Michael Clayton 2007
Tilda Swinton Michael Clayton 2007
Sydney Pollack Michael Clayton 2007
Michael O'Keefe Michael Clayton 2007
Joseph Gordon-Levitt The Lookout 2007
Jeff Daniels The Lookout 2007
Matthew Goode The Lookout 2007
Carla Gugino The Lookout 2007
Bruce McGill The Lookout 2007
Leonardo DiCaprio Blood Diamond 2006
Jennifer Connelly Blood Diamond 2006
Djimon Hounsou Blood Diamond 2006
Jimi Mistry Blood Diamond 2006
Michael Sheen Blood Diamond 2006
Arnold Vosloo Blood Diamond 2006
Bryce Dallas Howard Lady in the Water 2006
Jeffrey Wright Lady in the Water 2006
Bob Balaban Lady in the Water 2006
Sarita Choudhury Lady in the Water 2006
Cindy Cheung Lady in the Water 2006
Robin Williams RV 2006
Cheryl Hines RV 2006
Kristin Chenoweth RV 2006
Joanna 'Jojo' Levesque RV 2006
Will Arnett RV 2006
Samuel L. Jackson Freedomland 2006
Edie Falco Freedomland 2006
Ron Eldard Freedomland 2006
William Forsythe Freedomland 2006
Aunjanue Ellis Freedomland 2006
Naomi Watts King Kong 2005
Jack Black King Kong 2005
Adrien Brody King Kong 2005
Thomas Kretschmann King Kong 2005
Colin Hanks King Kong 2005
Nicole Kidman The Interpreter 2005
Sean Penn The Interpreter 2005
Catherine Keener The Interpreter 2005
Jesper Christensen The Interpreter 2005
Yvan Attal The Interpreter 2005
Earl Cameron The Interpreter 2005
Tom Cruise Collateral 2004
Jamie Foxx Collateral 2004
Jada Pinkett Smith Collateral 2004
Mark Ruffalo Collateral 2004
Peter Berg Collateral 2004
Joaquin Phoenix The Village 2004
William Hurt The Village 2004
Sigourney Weaver The Village 2004
Brendan Gleeson The Village 2004
Viggo Mortensen Hidalgo 2004
Omar Sharif Hidalgo 2004
Louise Lombard Hidalgo 2004
Saïd Taghmaoui Hidalgo 2004
Peter Mensah Hidalgo 2004
J.K. Simmons Hidalgo 2004
Jason Isaacs Peter Pan 2003
Jeremy Sumpter Peter Pan 2003
Rachel Hurd-Wood Peter Pan 2003
Lynn Redgrave Peter Pan 2003
Richard Briers Peter Pan 2003
Olivia Williams Peter Pan 2003
Morgan Freeman Dreamcatcher 2003
Thomas Jane Dreamcatcher 2003
Jason Lee Dreamcatcher 2003
Damian Lewis Dreamcatcher 2003
Timothy Olyphant Dreamcatcher 2003
Tom Sizemore Dreamcatcher 2003
Brian Murray Treasure Planet 2003
David Hyde Pierce Treasure Planet 2003
Michael Wincott Treasure Planet 2003
Martin Short Treasure Planet 2003
Emile Hirsch The Emperor's Club 2002
Jesse Eisenberg The Emperor's Club 2002
Paul Dano The Emperor's Club 2002
Harris Yulin The Emperor's Club 2002
Mel Gibson Signs 2002
Cherry Jones Signs 2002
Rory Culkin Signs 2002
Abigail Breslin Signs 2002
Patricia Kalember Signs 2002
Tim Allen Big Trouble 2002
Johnny Knoxville Big Trouble 2002
Patrick Warburton Big Trouble 2002
Michael J. Fox Atlantis: The Lost Empire 2001
James Garner Atlantis: The Lost Empire 2001
Cree Summer Atlantis: The Lost Empire 2001
Leonard Nimoy Atlantis: The Lost Empire 2001
Don Novello Atlantis: The Lost Empire 2001
Claudia Christian Atlantis: The Lost Empire 2001
Billy Crystal America's Sweethearts 2001
Catherine Zeta-Jones America's Sweethearts 2001
John Cusack America's Sweethearts 2001
Chris O'Donnell Vertical Limit 2000
Robin Tunney Vertical Limit 2000
Scott Glenn Vertical Limit 2000
Izabella Scorupco Vertical Limit 2000
Temuera Morrison Vertical Limit 2000
Bruce Willis Unbreakable 2000
Robin Wright Penn Unbreakable 2000
Charlayne Woodard Unbreakable 2000
Spencer Treat Clark Unbreakable 2000
D.B. Sweeney Dinosaur 2000
Alfre Woodard Dinosaur 2000
Ossie Davis Dinosaur 2000
Max Casella Dinosaur 2000
Hayden Panettiere Dinosaur 2000
Ethan Hawke Snow Falling on Cedars 1999
James Cromwell Snow Falling on Cedars 1999
James Rebhorn Snow Falling on Cedars 1999
Eric Thal Snow Falling on Cedars 1999
Kevin Bacon Stir of Echoes 1999
Kathryn Erbe Stir of Echoes 1999
Illeana Douglas Stir of Echoes 1999
Liza Weil Stir of Echoes 1999
Kevin Dunn Stir of Echoes 1999
Loren Dean Mumford 1999
Hope Davis Mumford 1999
Mary McDonnell Mumford 1999
Pruitt Taylor Vince Mumford 1999
Haley Joel Osment The Sixth Sense 1999
Toni Collette The Sixth Sense 1999
Donnie Wahlberg The Sixth Sense 1999
Glenn Fitzgerald The Sixth Sense 1999
Richard Gere Runaway Bride 1999
Hector Elizondo Runaway Bride 1999
Rita Wilson Runaway Bride 1999
Paul Dooley Runaway Bride 1999
Michael Douglas A Perfect Murder 1998
Gwyneth Paltrow A Perfect Murder 1998
David Suchet A Perfect Murder 1998
Rupert Everett My Best Friend's Wedding 1997
Philip Bosco My Best Friend's Wedding 1997
M. Emmet Walsh My Best Friend's Wedding 1997
Keanu Reeves The Devil's Advocate 1997
Al Pacino The Devil's Advocate 1997
Jeffrey Jones The Devil's Advocate 1997
Judith Ivey The Devil's Advocate 1997
Monica Keena The Devil's Advocate 1997
Connie Nielsen The Devil's Advocate 1997
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Fathers' Day 1997
Nastassja Kinski Fathers' Day 1997
Charlie Hofheimer Fathers' Day 1997
Bruce Greenwood Fathers' Day 1997
Pierce Brosnan Dante's Peak 1997
Linda Hamilton Dante's Peak 1997
Grant Heslov Dante's Peak 1997
Charles Barkley Space Jam 1997
Wayne Knight Space Jam 1997
Theresa Randle Space Jam 1997
Billy West Space Jam 1997
Bill Murray Space Jam 1997
Danny DeVito Space Jam 1997
Michelle Pfeiffer One Fine Day 1996
Mae Whitman One Fine Day 1996
Alex D. Linz One Fine Day 1996
Charles Durning One Fine Day 1996
Robert Klein One Fine Day 1996
Halle Berry The Rich Man's Wife 1996
Clea Lewis The Rich Man's Wife 1996
Kyle MacLachlan The Trigger Effect 1996
Elisabeth Shue The Trigger Effect 1996
Richard T. Jones The Trigger Effect 1996
Michael Rooker The Trigger Effect 1996
Bill Smitrovich The Trigger Effect 1996
Laura Linney Primal Fear 1996
John Mahoney Primal Fear 1996
Frances McDormand Primal Fear 1996
Demi Moore The Juror 1996
Anne Heche The Juror 1996
James Gandolfini The Juror 1996
Robert Downey, Jr. Restoration 1995
Sam Neill Restoration 1995
David Thewlis Restoration 1995
Polly Walker Restoration 1995
Meg Ryan Restoration 1995
Ian McKellen Restoration 1995
Kevin Costner The Postman 1995
Will Patton The Postman 1995
Larenz Tate The Postman 1995
James Russo The Postman 1995
Dennis Hopper Waterworld 1995
Jeanne Tripplehorn Waterworld 1995
Tina Majorino Waterworld 1995
Michael Jeter Waterworld 1995
Timothy Hutton French Kiss 1995
Jean Reno French Kiss 1995
François Cluzet French Kiss 1995
Dustin Hoffman Outbreak 1995
Kevin Spacey Outbreak 1995
Cuba Gooding, Jr. Outbreak 1995
Sean Connery Just Cause 1995
Laurence Fishburne Just Cause 1995
Kate Capshaw Just Cause 1995
Blair Underwood Just Cause 1995
Ed Harris Just Cause 1995
Arnold Schwarzenegger Junior 1994
Frank Langella Junior 1994
Pamela Reed Junior 1994
Judy Collins Junior 1994
Dennis Quaid Wyatt Earp 1994
Gene Hackman Wyatt Earp 1994
Jeff Fahey Wyatt Earp 1994
Mark Harmon Wyatt Earp 1994
Michael Madsen Wyatt Earp 1994
Sharon Stone Intersection 1994
Lolita Davidovich Intersection 1994
Martin Landau Intersection 1994
David Selby Intersection 1994
Harrison Ford The Fugitive 1993
Tommy Lee Jones The Fugitive 1993
Sela Ward The Fugitive 1993
Joe Pantoliano The Fugitive 1993
Danny Glover The Saint of Fort Washington 1993
Matt Dillon The Saint of Fort Washington 1993
Nina Siemaszko The Saint of Fort Washington 1993
Ving Rhames The Saint of Fort Washington 1993
Jeff Bridges American Heart 1993
Edward Furlong American Heart 1993
Lucinda Jenney American Heart 1993
Don Harvey American Heart 1993
Ben Kingsley Dave 1993
Robert Duvall Falling Down 1993
Barbara Hershey Falling Down 1993
Rachel Ticotin Falling Down 1993
Tuesday Weld Falling Down 1993
Frederic Forrest Falling Down 1993
Vincent Spano Alive 1993
Josh Hamilton Alive 1993
Robert De Niro Night and the City 1992
Jessica Lange Night and the City 1992
Alan King Night and the City 1992
Eli Wallach Night and the City 1992
Jack Lemmon Glengarry Glen Ross 1992
Alan Arkin Glengarry Glen Ross 1992
James Woods Diggstown 1992
Louis Gossett, Jr. Diggstown 1992
Heather Graham Diggstown 1992
Nick Nolte The Prince of Tides 1991
Barbra Streisand The Prince of Tides 1991
Blythe Danner The Prince of Tides 1991
Macaulay Culkin My Girl 1991
Anna Chlumsky My Girl 1991
Dan Aykroyd My Girl 1991
Jamie Lee Curtis My Girl 1991
Richard Masur My Girl 1991
Griffin Dunne My Girl 1991
Sam Waterston The Man in the Moon 1991
Tess Harper The Man in the Moon 1991
Jason London The Man in the Moon 1991
Campbell Scott Dying Young 1991
Vincent D'Onofrio Dying Young 1991
Ellen Burstyn Dying Young 1991
Annette Bening Guilty by Suspicion 1991
George Wendt Guilty by Suspicion 1991
Patricia Wettig Guilty by Suspicion 1991
Martin Scorsese Guilty by Suspicion 1991
Peter O'Toole King Ralph 1991
John Hurt King Ralph 1991
Camille Coduri King Ralph 1991
Richard Griffiths King Ralph 1991
Leslie Phillips King Ralph 1991
Steve Martin Grand Canyon 1991
Mary-Louise Parker Grand Canyon 1991
Tom Selleck Three Men and a Little Lady 1990
Steve Guttenberg Three Men and a Little Lady 1990
Nancy Travis Three Men and a Little Lady 1990
Christopher Cazenove Three Men and a Little Lady 1990
Steven Seagal Marked for Death 1990
Basil Wallace Marked for Death 1990
Keith David Marked for Death 1990
Tom Wright Marked for Death 1990
Kiefer Sutherland Flatliners 1990
William Baldwin Flatliners 1990
Kimberly Scott Flatliners 1990
Tom Berenger Major League 1990
Charlie Sheen Major League 1990
Corbin Bernsen Major League 1990
Margaret Whitton Major League 1990
Jason Alexander Pretty Woman 1990
Laura San Giacomo Pretty Woman 1990
Patrick Dempsey Coupe De Ville 1990
Arye Gross Coupe De Ville 1990
Daniel Stern Coupe De Ville 1990
Annabeth Gish Coupe De Ville 1990
Rita Taggart Coupe De Ville 1990
Joseph Bologna Coupe De Ville 1990
Joanna Cassidy The Package 1989
John Heard The Package 1989
Dennis Franz The Package 1989
Pam Grier The Package 1989
Gregory Hines Tap 1989
Sammy Davis, Jr. Tap 1989
Savion Glover Tap 1989
Joe Morton Tap 1989
Ray Baker Everybody's All-American 1988
Carl Lumbly Everybody's All-American 1988
Willem Dafoe Off Limits 1988
Fred Ward Off Limits 1988
Amanda Pays Off Limits 1988
Jodie Foster Five Corners 1988
Todd Graff Five Corners 1988
John Turturro Five Corners 1988
Elizabeth Berridge Five Corners 1988
Jason Gedrick Promised Land 1988
Tracy Pollan Promised Land 1988
Whip Hubley Russkies 1987
Peter Billingsley Russkies 1987
Susan Walters Russkies 1987
Patrick Kilpatrick Russkies 1987
Kim Delaney Campus Man 1987
Kathleen Wilhoite Campus Man 1987
Morgan Fairchild Campus Man 1987
Kim Basinger No Mercy 1986
Gary Basaraba No Mercy 1986
William Atherton No Mercy 1986
Rosanna Arquette Nobody's Fool 1986
Eric Roberts Nobody's Fool 1986
Mare Winningham Nobody's Fool 1986
Louise Fletcher Nobody's Fool 1986
Kirk Douglas Tough Guys 1986
Burt Lancaster Tough Guys 1986
Dana Carvey Tough Guys 1986
Alexandra Paul 8 Million Ways to Die 1986
Andy Garcia 8 Million Ways to Die 1986
Goldie Hawn Wildcats 1986
James Keach Wildcats 1986
Swoosie Kurtz Wildcats 1986
Robyn Lively Wildcats 1986
Jan Hooks Wildcats 1986
Judge Reinhold Head Office 1986
Eddie Albert Head Office 1986
Jane Seymour Head Office 1986
Rick Moranis Head Office 1986
Don King Head Office 1986
Sally Field Eye for an Eye 1900
Beverly D'Angelo Eye for an Eye 1900
Joe Mantegna Eye for an Eye 1900