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James Franco Movies

  • Profession: Actor, Director, Screenwriter
  • Born: Apr 19, 1978
  • Died: Jan 1, 0001
  • Biography: Well known for his works as teen heartthrob on the NBC series Freaks and Geeks and films like Never Been Kissed (1999) starring Drew Barrymore, James Franco has the dark, refined looks of a classic movie star. Indeed, he was cast in the TNT film... Continued
Movie Role(s) Year
Queen of the Desert Henry Cadogan 2017
Why Him? Laird 2016
Goat Mitch / Mitch / Producer 2016
Sausage Party Druggie 2016
Every Thing Will Be Fine Tomas Eldan 2015
Wild Horses Ben Briggs 2015
True Story Christian Longo 2015
The Interview Dave Skylark / Executive Producer 2014
Good People Tom Reed 2014
Maladies James 2014
Interior. Leather Bar. James / Cinematographer / Director / Producer 2014
Homefront Gator 2013
Sal Milton Katsolas / Director / Editor / Screen Story 2013
As I Lay Dying Darl / Director / Screenwriter 2013
Mademoiselle C 2013
This Is the End James Franco 2013
The Iceman Marty Freeman 2013
Spring Breakers Alien 2013
Oz the Great and Powerful Oz 2013
About Cherry Frances 2012
Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present 2012
The Broken Tower Hart Crane / Director / Producer / Screenwriter 2012
Eames: The Architect and the Painter Narrator 2011
Rise of the Planet of the Apes Will Rodman 2011
Your Highness Fabious 2011
127 Hours Aron Ralston 2010
Howl Allen Ginsberg 2010
Eat Pray Love David Piccolo 2010
Date Night Taste 2010
Milk Scott Smith 2008
Nights in Rodanthe 2008
Pineapple Express Saul Silver 2008
In the Valley of Elah Sgt. Dan Carnelli 2007
Knocked Up Himself 2007
Spider-Man 3 Harry Osborn/New Goblin 2007
The Dead Girl Derek 2006
Flyboys Blaine Rawlings 2006
The Wicker Man Bar Guy #1 2006
Annapolis Jake Huard 2006
Tristan & Isolde Tristan 2006
The Great Raid Captain Prince 2005
Spider-Man 2 Harry Osborn 2004
The Company Josh 2003
City by the Sea Joey LaMarca 2002
Deuces Wild 2002
Spider-Man Harry Osborn 2002
Whatever It Takes Chris Campbell 2000
Good Time Max Max / Director / Screenwriter
An American Crime Andy
Camille Silas
The Little Prince The Fox
The Disaster Artist Tommy Wiseau / Tommy Wiseau / Director / Producer
The Disaster Artist Director

Worked With

Nicole Kidman Queen of the Desert 2017
Robert Pattinson Queen of the Desert 2017
Damian Lewis Queen of the Desert 2017
Jenny Agutter Queen of the Desert 2017
Bryan Cranston Why Him? 2016
Zoey Deutch Why Him? 2016
Megan Mullally Why Him? 2016
Cedric the Entertainer Why Him? 2016
Keegan-Michael Key Why Him? 2016
Ben Schnetzer Goat 2016
Nick Jonas Goat 2016
Danny Flaherty Goat 2016
Austin Lyon Goat 2016
Seth Rogen Sausage Party 2016
Kristen Wiig Sausage Party 2016
Jonah Hill Sausage Party 2016
Bill Hader Sausage Party 2016
Michael Cera Sausage Party 2016
Rachel McAdams Every Thing Will Be Fine 2015
Charlotte Gainsbourg Every Thing Will Be Fine 2015
Peter Stormare Every Thing Will Be Fine 2015
Marie-Josée Croze Every Thing Will Be Fine 2015
Robert Duvall Wild Horses 2015
Josh Hartnett Wild Horses 2015
Jim Parrack Wild Horses 2015
Felicity Jones True Story 2015
Ethan Suplee True Story 2015
Gretchen Mol True Story 2015
Lizzy Caplan The Interview 2014
Randall Park The Interview 2014
Timothy Simons The Interview 2014
Kate Hudson Good People 2014
Anna Friel Good People 2014
Tom Wilkinson Good People 2014
Omar Sy Good People 2014
Sam Spruell Good People 2014
Catherine Keener Maladies 2014
David Strathairn Maladies 2014
Alan Cumming Maladies 2014
Jason Statham Homefront 2013
Kate Bosworth Homefront 2013
Frank Grillo Homefront 2013
Clancy Brown Homefront 2013
Brian Goodman Sal 2013
Tim Blake Nelson As I Lay Dying 2013
Danny McBride As I Lay Dying 2013
Logan Marshall-Green As I Lay Dying 2013
Ahna O'Reilly As I Lay Dying 2013
Karl Lagerfeld Mademoiselle C 2013
Tom Ford Mademoiselle C 2013
Kanye West Mademoiselle C 2013
Jay Baruchel This Is the End 2013
Craig Robinson This Is the End 2013
Michael Shannon The Iceman 2013
Winona Ryder The Iceman 2013
Chris Evans The Iceman 2013
Ray Liotta The Iceman 2013
David Schwimmer The Iceman 2013
Danny A. Abeckaser The Iceman 2013
Selena Gomez Spring Breakers 2013
Vanessa Hudgens Spring Breakers 2013
Ashley Benson Spring Breakers 2013
Rachel Korine Spring Breakers 2013
Mila Kunis Oz the Great and Powerful 2013
Rachel Weisz Oz the Great and Powerful 2013
Michelle Williams Oz the Great and Powerful 2013
Zach Braff Oz the Great and Powerful 2013
Bill Cobbs Oz the Great and Powerful 2013
Ashley Hinshaw About Cherry 2012
Lili Taylor About Cherry 2012
Dev Patel About Cherry 2012
Jonny Weston About Cherry 2012
Heather Graham About Cherry 2012
Marina Abramovic Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present 2012
Dave Franco The Broken Tower 2012
Paul Schrader Eames: The Architect and the Painter 2011
Freida Pinto Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2011
John Lithgow Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2011
Andy Serkis Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2011
Brian Cox Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2011
Tom Felton Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2011
Natalie Portman Your Highness 2011
Toby Jones Your Highness 2011
Justin Theroux Your Highness 2011
Amber Tamblyn 127 Hours 2010
Kate Mara 127 Hours 2010
Clémence Poésy 127 Hours 2010
Kate Burton 127 Hours 2010
Jon Hamm Howl 2010
Bob Balaban Howl 2010
Jeff Daniels Howl 2010
Mary-Louise Parker Howl 2010
Julia Roberts Eat Pray Love 2010
Javier Bardem Eat Pray Love 2010
Richard Jenkins Eat Pray Love 2010
Billy Crudup Eat Pray Love 2010
Viola Davis Eat Pray Love 2010
Steve Carell Date Night 2010
Tina Fey Date Night 2010
Mark Wahlberg Date Night 2010
Taraji P. Henson Date Night 2010
Jimmi Simpson Date Night 2010
Common Date Night 2010
Sean Penn Milk 2008
Emile Hirsch Milk 2008
Josh Brolin Milk 2008
Diego Luna Milk 2008
Alison Pill Milk 2008
Richard Gere Nights in Rodanthe 2008
Diane Lane Nights in Rodanthe 2008
Christopher Meloni Nights in Rodanthe 2008
Becky Ann Baker Nights in Rodanthe 2008
Scott Glenn Nights in Rodanthe 2008
Gary Cole Pineapple Express 2008
Rosie Perez Pineapple Express 2008
Kevin Corrigan Pineapple Express 2008
Tommy Lee Jones In the Valley of Elah 2007
Charlize Theron In the Valley of Elah 2007
Jason Patric In the Valley of Elah 2007
Susan Sarandon In the Valley of Elah 2007
Barry Corbin In the Valley of Elah 2007
Katherine Heigl Knocked Up 2007
Paul Rudd Knocked Up 2007
Leslie Mann Knocked Up 2007
Tobey Maguire Spider-Man 3 2007
Kirsten Dunst Spider-Man 3 2007
Thomas Haden Church Spider-Man 3 2007
Topher Grace Spider-Man 3 2007
Bryce Dallas Howard Spider-Man 3 2007
Toni Collette The Dead Girl 2006
Rose Byrne The Dead Girl 2006
Mary Beth Hurt The Dead Girl 2006
Marcia Gay Harden The Dead Girl 2006
Brittany Murphy The Dead Girl 2006
Kerry Washington The Dead Girl 2006
Martin Henderson Flyboys 2006
Jennifer Decker Flyboys 2006
Jean Reno Flyboys 2006
Tyler Labine Flyboys 2006
Nicolas Cage The Wicker Man 2006
Ellen Burstyn The Wicker Man 2006
Kate Beahan The Wicker Man 2006
Frances Conroy The Wicker Man 2006
Molly Parker The Wicker Man 2006
Tyrese Gibson Annapolis 2006
Jordana Brewster Annapolis 2006
Donnie Wahlberg Annapolis 2006
Vicellous Shannon Annapolis 2006
Roger Fan Annapolis 2006
Sophia Myles Tristan & Isolde 2006
Rufus Sewell Tristan & Isolde 2006
Mark Strong Tristan & Isolde 2006
Henry Cavill Tristan & Isolde 2006
Benjamin Bratt The Great Raid 2005
Connie Nielsen The Great Raid 2005
Joseph Fiennes The Great Raid 2005
Marton Csokas The Great Raid 2005
Alfred Molina Spider-Man 2 2004
Rosemary Harris Spider-Man 2 2004
J.K. Simmons Spider-Man 2 2004
Neve Campbell The Company 2003
Malcolm McDowell The Company 2003
Robert De Niro City by the Sea 2002
Frances McDormand City by the Sea 2002
Eliza Dushku City by the Sea 2002
William Forsythe City by the Sea 2002
Stephen Dorff Deuces Wild 2002
Brad Renfro Deuces Wild 2002
Fairuza Balk Deuces Wild 2002
Norman Reedus Deuces Wild 2002
Max Perlich Deuces Wild 2002
Drea de Matteo Deuces Wild 2002
Willem Dafoe Spider-Man 2002
Cliff Robertson Spider-Man 2002
Colin Hanks Whatever It Takes 2000
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe Whatever It Takes 2000
Aaron Paul Whatever It Takes 2000
Richard Schiff Whatever It Takes 2000