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George Marshall Biography

  • Profession: Director
  • Born: Dec 29, 1891
  • Died: Feb 17, 1975

An extra in films of the early teens, George Marshall began writing comedy shorts and by 1916 was directing westerns. He went on to helm serials and short comedies and actioners in the silent era, as well as features. A natural director of comedy, Marshall guided several beloved comedians in the sound era: Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in their classic shorts [[Feature~V139486~Their First Mistake~theirfirstmistake]] and [[Feature~V139504~Towed In A Hole~towedinahole]], and their feature [[Feature~V37053~Pack Up Your Troubles~packupyourtroubles]] (1932), which Marshall acted in and co-directed with Raymond McCarey; [[Performer~P23388~W.C. Fields~wcfields]] in [[Feature~V55896~You Can't Cheat an Honest Man~youcantcheatanhonestman]] (1939); [[Performer~P33168~Bob Hope~bobhope]] in [[Feature~V19629~The Ghost Breakers~theghostbreakers]] (1940), [[Feature~V33142~Monsieur Beaucaire~monsieurbeaucaire]] (1946), [[Feature~V16734~Fancy Pants~fancypants]] (1950), [[Feature~V6873~Boy' Did I Get A Wrong Number~boydidigetawrongnumber]] (1966) and [[Feature~V90334~Eight on the Lam~eightonthelam]] (1967); [[Performer~P162792~Martin~martin]] and [[Performer~P162377~Lewis~lewis]] in [[Feature~V34052~My Friend Irma~myfriendirma]] (1949), [[Feature~V43072~Scared Stiff~scaredstiff]] (1953) and [[Feature~V102707~Money from Home~moneyfromhome]] (1953); and [[Performer~P99633~Jerry Lewis~jerrylewis]] in [[Feature~V42534~The Sad Sack~thesadsack]] (1957) and [[Feature~V95580~Hook, Line and Sinker~hooklineandsinker]] (1969). Other notable films by this prolific and reliable craftsman include the western spoof [[Feature~V13435~Destry Rides Again~destryridesagain]] (1939) ,with [[Performer~P68236~James Stewart~jamesstewart]] and Marlene Dietrich; the slapstick mystery [[Feature~V103234~Murder, He Says~murderhesays]] (1945); the serious mystery [[Feature~V85498~The Blue Dahlia~thebluedahlia]] (1946); and the quirky [[Performer~P24236~Glenn Ford~glennford]] comedies [[Feature~V109847~The Sheepman~thesheepman]] (1958) and The Gazebo (1959). ~ Rovi