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Dean Tavoularis Movies

  • Profession: Production Designer, Art Director
  • Born: Jan 1, 1932
  • Died: Jan 1, 0001
  • Biography: Production designer Dean Tavoularis is best known for his work on such [[Performer~P85868~Francis Ford Coppola~francisfordcoppola]] features as [[Feature~V20076~The Godfather~thegodfather]] (1972) and [[Feature~V2675~Apocalypse Now~apocalypsenow]]... Continued
Movie Role(s) Year
Jack Production Designer 2014
Carnage Production Designer 2011
Apocalypse Now Redux Production Designer 2001
Angel Eyes Production Designer 2001
CQ Production Designer 2001
The Ninth Gate Production Designer 1999
The Parent Trap Production Designer 1998
Bulworth Production Designer 1998
Rising Sun Production Designer 1993
Final Analysis Production Designer 1992
The Godfather Part III Production Designer 1990
New York Stories Production Designer 1989
Tucker: The Man and His Dream Production Designer 1988
A Man in Love Art Director 1987
Gardens of Stone Production Designer 1987
Peggy Sue Got Married Production Designer 1987
Rumble Fish Production Designer 1983
The Outsiders Production Designer 1983
The Brink's Job Production Designer 1980
Apocalypse Now Production Designer / Production Designer 1979
Farewell, My Lovely Production Designer 1975
The Godfather Part II Production Designer 1975
The Conversation Production Designer 1974
The Godfather Production Designer 1972
Little Big Man Production Designer 1970
Zabriskie Point Production Designer 1970
Petulia Art Director 1968
Bonnie and Clyde Art Director 1967
Inside Daisy Clover Art Director 1966
Hammett Production Designer
One From the Heart Production Designer
I Love Trouble Production Designer
The Escape Artist Production Designer
Candy Art Director

Worked With

Robin Williams Jack 2014
Diane Lane Jack 2014
Jennifer Lopez Jack 2014
Brian Kerwin Jack 2014
Fran Drescher Jack 2014
Bill Cosby Jack 2014
Jodie Foster Carnage 2011
Kate Winslet Carnage 2011
Christoph Waltz Carnage 2011
John C. Reilly Carnage 2011
Martin Sheen Apocalypse Now Redux 2001
Marlon Brando Apocalypse Now Redux 2001
Robert Duvall Apocalypse Now Redux 2001
Frederic Forrest Apocalypse Now Redux 2001
Albert Hall Apocalypse Now Redux 2001
James Caviezel Angel Eyes 2001
Sonia Braga Angel Eyes 2001
Terrence Howard Angel Eyes 2001
Jeremy Sisto Angel Eyes 2001
Victor Argo Angel Eyes 2001
Jeremy Davies CQ 2001
Élodie Bouchez CQ 2001
Gérard Depardieu CQ 2001
Giancarlo Giannini CQ 2001
Massimo Ghini CQ 2001
Johnny Depp The Ninth Gate 1999
Frank Langella The Ninth Gate 1999
Lena Olin The Ninth Gate 1999
Emmanuelle Seigner The Ninth Gate 1999
Lindsay Lohan The Parent Trap 1998
Dennis Quaid The Parent Trap 1998
Natasha Richardson The Parent Trap 1998
Elaine Hendrix The Parent Trap 1998
Lisa Ann Walter The Parent Trap 1998
Warren Beatty Bulworth 1998
Halle Berry Bulworth 1998
Don Cheadle Bulworth 1998
Oliver Platt Bulworth 1998
Paul Sorvino Bulworth 1998
Sean Connery Rising Sun 1993
Wesley Snipes Rising Sun 1993
Harvey Keitel Rising Sun 1993
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Rising Sun 1993
Kevin Anderson Rising Sun 1993
Richard Gere Final Analysis 1992
Kim Basinger Final Analysis 1992
Uma Thurman Final Analysis 1992
Eric Roberts Final Analysis 1992
Paul Guilfoyle Final Analysis 1992
Keith David Final Analysis 1992
Al Pacino The Godfather Part III 1990
Diane Keaton The Godfather Part III 1990
Talia Shire The Godfather Part III 1990
Andy Garcia The Godfather Part III 1990
Eli Wallach The Godfather Part III 1990
Sofia Coppola The Godfather Part III 1990
Nick Nolte New York Stories 1989
Rosanna Arquette New York Stories 1989
Heather McComb New York Stories 1989
Jesse Borrego New York Stories 1989
Mia Farrow New York Stories 1989
Woody Allen New York Stories 1989
Peter Gabriel New York Stories 1989
Jeff Bridges Tucker: The Man and His Dream 1988
Joan Allen Tucker: The Man and His Dream 1988
Martin Landau Tucker: The Man and His Dream 1988
Lloyd Bridges Tucker: The Man and His Dream 1988
Peter Coyote A Man in Love 1987
Greta Scacchi A Man in Love 1987
Peter Riegert A Man in Love 1987
Jamie Lee Curtis A Man in Love 1987
Claudia Cardinale A Man in Love 1987
Vincent Lindon A Man in Love 1987
James Caan Gardens of Stone 1987
Anjelica Huston Gardens of Stone 1987
James Earl Jones Gardens of Stone 1987
D.B. Sweeney Gardens of Stone 1987
Mary Stuart Masterson Gardens of Stone 1987
Kathleen Turner Peggy Sue Got Married 1987
Nicolas Cage Peggy Sue Got Married 1987
Barry Miller Peggy Sue Got Married 1987
Catherine Hicks Peggy Sue Got Married 1987
Kevin J. O'Connor Peggy Sue Got Married 1987
Matt Dillon Rumble Fish 1983
Mickey Rourke Rumble Fish 1983
Dennis Hopper Rumble Fish 1983
Diana Scarwid Rumble Fish 1983
Vincent Spano Rumble Fish 1983
C. Thomas Howell The Outsiders 1983
Ralph Macchio The Outsiders 1983
Patrick Swayze The Outsiders 1983
Rob Lowe The Outsiders 1983
Emilio Estevez The Outsiders 1983
Peter Falk The Brink's Job 1980
Peter Boyle The Brink's Job 1980
Gena Rowlands The Brink's Job 1980
Charlotte Rampling Farewell, My Lovely 1975
Sylvia Miles Farewell, My Lovely 1975
Anthony Zerbe Farewell, My Lovely 1975
Robert De Niro The Godfather Part II 1975
Gene Hackman The Conversation 1974
Cindy Williams The Conversation 1974
Teri Garr The Conversation 1974
Dustin Hoffman Little Big Man 1970
Faye Dunaway Little Big Man 1970
Rod Taylor Zabriskie Point 1970
Julie Christie Petulia 1968
George C. Scott Petulia 1968
Richard Chamberlain Petulia 1968
Shirley Knight Petulia 1968
Michael J. Pollard Bonnie and Clyde 1967
Estelle Parsons Bonnie and Clyde 1967
Gene Wilder Bonnie and Clyde 1967
Natalie Wood Inside Daisy Clover 1966
Christopher Plummer Inside Daisy Clover 1966
Robert Redford Inside Daisy Clover 1966