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Christopher Walken Movies

  • Profession: Actor
  • Born: Mar 31, 1943
  • Died: Jan 1, 0001
  • Biography: A versatile character actor whose intense demeanor and slightly off-kilter delivery served him well in both comedies and dramas, Christopher Walken was at once one of the busiest and most respected actors of his generation, appearing in as many as... Continued
Movie Role(s) Year
Nine Lives Felix Perkins / Felix Perkins 2016
The Family Fang Caleb Fang 2016
The Jungle Book King Louie / King Louie / King Louie / King Louie 2016
One More Time Paul 2016
Eddie the Eagle Warren Sharp 2016
Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser Clem 2015
The Opportunists Victor Kelly 2014
Jersey Boys Angelo "Gyp" DeCarlo 2014
The Power of Few 2013
Stand Up Guys Doc 2013
A Late Quartet Peter Mitchell (Cello) 2012
Seven Psychopaths Hans 2012
Dark Horse Jackie 2012
Kill the Irishman Shondor Birns 2011
The Maiden Heist Roger 2009
Romance & Cigarettes Cousin Bo 2007
Balls of Fury Feng 2007
Hairspray Wilbur Turnblad 2007
Man of the Year Jack Menken 2006
Click Morty 2006
Undertaking Betty Frank Featherbed 2005
Domino Mark Heiss 2005
Wedding Crashers William Cleary 2005
Around the Bend Turner Lair 2004
The Stepford Wives Mike Wellington 2004
Envy J-Man 2004
Man on Fire Rayburn 2004
The Rundown Hatcher 2003
Gigli Det. Stanley Jacobellis 2003
Poolhall Junkies Mike 2003
Kangaroo Jack Sal Maggio 2003
Catch Me If You Can Frank Abagnale, Sr. 2002
The Country Bears Reed Thimple 2002
Chelsea Walls 2002
Scotland, PA Lt. Ernie McDuff 2002
The Affair of the Necklace Cagliostro 2001
Annie Hall Duane Hall 2001
America's Sweethearts Hal Weidmann 2001
Joe Dirt Clem 2001
Sleepy Hollow Hessian Horseman 2000
Blast from the Past Calvin 1999
New Rose Hotel Fox 1998
Antz Cutter 1998
Illuminata Bevalaqua 1998
Suicide Kings Charles Barrett 1998
Mouse Hunt Caesar 1997
Excess Baggage Raymond Perkins 1997
Touch Bill Hill 1997
The Funeral Ray 1996
Last Man Standing Hickery 1996
Basquiat The Interviewer / The Interviewer 1996
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead Man With The Plan 1995
Nick of Time Mr. Smith 1995
The Addiction Peina 1995
Search and Destroy Kim Ulander 1995
Pulp Fiction Capt. Koons 1994
Wayne's World 2 Bobby Cahn 1994
True Romance Vincenzo Coccotti 1993
Batman Returns Max Shreck 1992
McBain McBain 1991
King of New York Frank White 1990
The Comfort of Strangers Robert 1990
Communion Whitley Strieber 1989
The Milagro Beanfield War Kyril Montana 1988
Biloxi Blues Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey 1988
At Close Range Brad Whitewood, Sr. 1986
A View to a Kill Max Zorin 1985
The Dead Zone Johnny Smith 1983
Pennies from Heaven Tom 1981
Heaven's Gate Nathan D. Champion 1981
The Deer Hunter Nick 1978
The Sentinel Rizzo 1977
Mistress Warren Zell 1975
The Anderson Tapes The Kid 1972
Me and My Brother 1969
Next Stop, Greenwich Village Robert
$5 a Day Nat
The Prophecy 3: The Ascent Gabriel / Gabriel
The Prophecy II Gabriel
Kiss Toledo Goodbye
Celluloide U.S. Officer / U.S. Officer
All-American Murder P.J. Decker
Le Grand Pardon II Pasco Meisner
A Business Affair Vanni Corso
The Prophecy Angel Gabriel
Homeboy Wesley Pendergrass
The Last Embrace Eckart
The Dogs of War Jamie Shannon
The Mind Snatchers Pvt. James Reese / Pvt. James Reese
Brainstorm Michael Brace
The Eternal

Worked With

Kevin Spacey Nine Lives 2016
Jennifer Garner Nine Lives 2016
Malina Weissman Nine Lives 2016
Cheryl Hines Nine Lives 2016
Mark Consuelos Nine Lives 2016
Jason Bateman The Family Fang 2016
Nicole Kidman The Family Fang 2016
Maryann Plunkett The Family Fang 2016
Kathryn Hahn The Family Fang 2016
Neel Sethi The Jungle Book 2016
Bill Murray The Jungle Book 2016
Ben Kingsley The Jungle Book 2016
Idris Elba The Jungle Book 2016
Lupita Nyong'o The Jungle Book 2016
Scarlett Johansson The Jungle Book 2016
Amber Heard One More Time 2016
Hamish Linklater One More Time 2016
Kelli Garner One More Time 2016
Oliver Platt One More Time 2016
Ann Magnuson One More Time 2016
Taron Egerton Eddie the Eagle 2016
Hugh Jackman Eddie the Eagle 2016
Jo Hartley Eddie the Eagle 2016
Tim McInnerny Eddie the Eagle 2016
David Spade Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser 2015
Brittany Daniel Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser 2015
Dennis Miller Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser 2015
Adam Beach Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser 2015
Patrick Warburton Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser 2015
Vera Farmiga The Opportunists 2014
Cyndi Lauper The Opportunists 2014
Donal Logue The Opportunists 2014
Peter McDonald The Opportunists 2014
Anne Pitoniak The Opportunists 2014
Tom Noonan The Opportunists 2014
Vincent Piazza Jersey Boys 2014
Steven R. Schirripa Jersey Boys 2014
Christian Slater The Power of Few 2013
Anthony Anderson The Power of Few 2013
Jesse Bradford The Power of Few 2013
Nicky Whelan The Power of Few 2013
Moon Bloodgood The Power of Few 2013
Al Pacino Stand Up Guys 2013
Alan Arkin Stand Up Guys 2013
Julianna Margulies Stand Up Guys 2013
Addison Timlin Stand Up Guys 2013
Vanessa Ferlito Stand Up Guys 2013
Philip Seymour Hoffman A Late Quartet 2012
Catherine Keener A Late Quartet 2012
Mark Ivanir A Late Quartet 2012
Imogen Poots A Late Quartet 2012
Madhur Jaffrey A Late Quartet 2012
Colin Farrell Seven Psychopaths 2012
Sam Rockwell Seven Psychopaths 2012
Woody Harrelson Seven Psychopaths 2012
Olga Kurylenko Seven Psychopaths 2012
Tom Waits Seven Psychopaths 2012
Jordan Gelber Dark Horse 2012
Selma Blair Dark Horse 2012
Mia Farrow Dark Horse 2012
Justin Bartha Dark Horse 2012
Donna Murphy Dark Horse 2012
Ray Stevenson Kill the Irishman 2011
Vincent D'Onofrio Kill the Irishman 2011
Val Kilmer Kill the Irishman 2011
Linda Cardellini Kill the Irishman 2011
Tony Darrow Kill the Irishman 2011
Morgan Freeman The Maiden Heist 2009
William H. Macy The Maiden Heist 2009
Marcia Gay Harden The Maiden Heist 2009
Breckin Meyer The Maiden Heist 2009
James Gandolfini Romance & Cigarettes 2007
Susan Sarandon Romance & Cigarettes 2007
Kate Winslet Romance & Cigarettes 2007
Steve Buscemi Romance & Cigarettes 2007
Bobby Cannavale Romance & Cigarettes 2007
Mandy Moore Romance & Cigarettes 2007
Dan Fogler Balls of Fury 2007
George Lopez Balls of Fury 2007
Maggie Q Balls of Fury 2007
James Hong Balls of Fury 2007
Terry Crews Balls of Fury 2007
John Travolta Hairspray 2007
Michelle Pfeiffer Hairspray 2007
Amanda Bynes Hairspray 2007
James Marsden Hairspray 2007
Queen Latifah Hairspray 2007
Robin Williams Man of the Year 2006
Laura Linney Man of the Year 2006
Lewis Black Man of the Year 2006
Jeff Goldblum Man of the Year 2006
Adam Sandler Click 2006
Kate Beckinsale Click 2006
Henry Winkler Click 2006
David Hasselhoff Click 2006
Julie Kavner Click 2006
Brenda Blethyn Undertaking Betty 2005
Alfred Molina Undertaking Betty 2005
Naomi Watts Undertaking Betty 2005
Lee Evans Undertaking Betty 2005
Keira Knightley Domino 2005
Mickey Rourke Domino 2005
Edgar Ramirez Domino 2005
Delroy Lindo Domino 2005
Mo'Nique Domino 2005
Lucy Liu Domino 2005
Owen Wilson Wedding Crashers 2005
Vince Vaughn Wedding Crashers 2005
Rachel McAdams Wedding Crashers 2005
Jane Seymour Wedding Crashers 2005
Isla Fisher Wedding Crashers 2005
Josh Lucas Around the Bend 2004
Michael Caine Around the Bend 2004
Glenne Headly Around the Bend 2004
Jonah Bobo Around the Bend 2004
Matthew Broderick The Stepford Wives 2004
Bette Midler The Stepford Wives 2004
Glenn Close The Stepford Wives 2004
Roger Bart The Stepford Wives 2004
Ben Stiller Envy 2004
Jack Black Envy 2004
Rachel Weisz Envy 2004
Amy Poehler Envy 2004
LisaRaye Envy 2004
Denzel Washington Man on Fire 2004
Dakota Fanning Man on Fire 2004
Giancarlo Giannini Man on Fire 2004
Radha Mitchell Man on Fire 2004
Marc Anthony Man on Fire 2004
The Rock The Rundown 2003
Seann William Scott The Rundown 2003
Rosario Dawson The Rundown 2003
Ewen Bremner The Rundown 2003
Jon Gries The Rundown 2003
Ben Affleck Gigli 2003
Jennifer Lopez Gigli 2003
Lainie Kazan Gigli 2003
Missy Crider Gigli 2003
Lenny Venito Gigli 2003
Chazz Palminteri Poolhall Junkies 2003
Rick Schroder Poolhall Junkies 2003
Rod Steiger Poolhall Junkies 2003
Michael Rosenbaum Poolhall Junkies 2003
Mars Callahan Poolhall Junkies 2003
Jerry O'Connell Kangaroo Jack 2003
Estella Warren Kangaroo Jack 2003
Michael Shannon Kangaroo Jack 2003
Bill Hunter Kangaroo Jack 2003
Leonardo DiCaprio Catch Me If You Can 2002
Tom Hanks Catch Me If You Can 2002
Martin Sheen Catch Me If You Can 2002
Nathalie Baye Catch Me If You Can 2002
Amy Adams Catch Me If You Can 2002
Stephen Tobolowsky The Country Bears 2002
Daryl Mitchell The Country Bears 2002
M.C. Gainey The Country Bears 2002
Diedrich Bader The Country Bears 2002
Alex Rocco The Country Bears 2002
Kevin Corrigan Chelsea Walls 2002
Kris Kristofferson Chelsea Walls 2002
Robert Sean Leonard Chelsea Walls 2002
Natasha Richardson Chelsea Walls 2002
James LeGros Scotland, PA 2002
Maura Tierney Scotland, PA 2002
James Rebhorn Scotland, PA 2002
Tom Guiry Scotland, PA 2002
Hilary Swank The Affair of the Necklace 2001
Jonathan Pryce The Affair of the Necklace 2001
Simon Baker The Affair of the Necklace 2001
Adrien Brody The Affair of the Necklace 2001
Brian Cox The Affair of the Necklace 2001
Joely Richardson The Affair of the Necklace 2001
Woody Allen Annie Hall 2001
Diane Keaton Annie Hall 2001
Tony Roberts Annie Hall 2001
Carol Kane Annie Hall 2001
Paul Simon Annie Hall 2001
Julia Roberts America's Sweethearts 2001
Billy Crystal America's Sweethearts 2001
Catherine Zeta-Jones America's Sweethearts 2001
John Cusack America's Sweethearts 2001
Hank Azaria America's Sweethearts 2001
Stanley Tucci America's Sweethearts 2001
Kid Rock Joe Dirt 2001
Erik Per Sullivan Joe Dirt 2001
Johnny Depp Sleepy Hollow 2000
Christina Ricci Sleepy Hollow 2000
Miranda Richardson Sleepy Hollow 2000
Michael Gambon Sleepy Hollow 2000
Casper Van Dien Sleepy Hollow 2000
Jeffrey Jones Sleepy Hollow 2000
Brendan Fraser Blast from the Past 1999
Alicia Silverstone Blast from the Past 1999
Sissy Spacek Blast from the Past 1999
Dave Foley Blast from the Past 1999
Joey Slotnick Blast from the Past 1999
Willem Dafoe New Rose Hotel 1998
Asia Argento New Rose Hotel 1998
Annabella Sciorra New Rose Hotel 1998
Gretchen Mol New Rose Hotel 1998
Sharon Stone Antz 1998
Sylvester Stallone Antz 1998
Gene Hackman Antz 1998
Danny Glover Antz 1998
John Turturro Illuminata 1998
Beverly D'Angelo Illuminata 1998
Bill Irwin Illuminata 1998
Denis Leary Suicide Kings 1998
Henry Thomas Suicide Kings 1998
Sean Patrick Flanery Suicide Kings 1998
Jay Mohr Suicide Kings 1998
Jeremy Sisto Suicide Kings 1998
Nathan Lane Mouse Hunt 1997
Vicki Lewis Mouse Hunt 1997
Michael Jeter Mouse Hunt 1997
Benicio Del Toro Excess Baggage 1997
Jack Thompson Excess Baggage 1997
Harry Connick, Jr. Excess Baggage 1997
Nicholas Turturro Excess Baggage 1997
Bridget Fonda Touch 1997
Skeet Ulrich Touch 1997
Tom Arnold Touch 1997
Gina Gershon Touch 1997
Lolita Davidovich Touch 1997
Paul Mazursky Touch 1997
Chris Penn The Funeral 1996
Vincent Gallo The Funeral 1996
Isabella Rossellini The Funeral 1996
Paul Hipp The Funeral 1996
Bruce Willis Last Man Standing 1996
Bruce Dern Last Man Standing 1996
Alexandra Powers Last Man Standing 1996
Michael Imperioli Last Man Standing 1996
David Patrick Kelly Last Man Standing 1996
Jeffrey Wright Basquiat 1996
Michael Wincott Basquiat 1996
Claire Forlani Basquiat 1996
David Bowie Basquiat 1996
Dennis Hopper Basquiat 1996
Andy Garcia Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead 1995
Christopher Lloyd Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead 1995
William Forsythe Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead 1995
Bill Nunn Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead 1995
Treat Williams Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead 1995
Gabrielle Anwar Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead 1995
Charles S. Dutton Nick of Time 1995
Peter Strauss Nick of Time 1995
Roma Maffia Nick of Time 1995
Gloria Reuben Nick of Time 1995
Lili Taylor The Addiction 1995
Edie Falco The Addiction 1995
Fredro Starr The Addiction 1995
Griffin Dunne Search and Destroy 1995
Illeana Douglas Search and Destroy 1995
Rosanna Arquette Search and Destroy 1995
Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction 1994
Uma Thurman Pulp Fiction 1994
Harvey Keitel Pulp Fiction 1994
Tim Roth Pulp Fiction 1994
Mike Myers Wayne's World 2 1994
Dana Carvey Wayne's World 2 1994
Tia Carrere Wayne's World 2 1994
Kim Basinger Wayne's World 2 1994
Patricia Arquette True Romance 1993
Gary Oldman True Romance 1993
Brad Pitt True Romance 1993
Michael Keaton Batman Returns 1992
Danny DeVito Batman Returns 1992
Michael Murphy Batman Returns 1992
Maria Conchita Alonso McBain 1991
Michael Ironside McBain 1991
Jay Patterson McBain 1991
David Caruso King of New York 1990
Laurence Fishburne King of New York 1990
Victor Argo King of New York 1990
Wesley Snipes King of New York 1990
Rupert Everett The Comfort of Strangers 1990
Helen Mirren The Comfort of Strangers 1990
Frances Sternhagen Communion 1989
Terri Hanauer Communion 1989
Rubén Blades The Milagro Beanfield War 1988
Richard Bradford The Milagro Beanfield War 1988
Sonia Braga The Milagro Beanfield War 1988
Julie Carmen The Milagro Beanfield War 1988
John Heard The Milagro Beanfield War 1988
Melanie Griffith The Milagro Beanfield War 1988
Matt Mulhern Biloxi Blues 1988
Penelope Ann Miller Biloxi Blues 1988
Sean Penn At Close Range 1986
Mary Stuart Masterson At Close Range 1986
Millie Perkins At Close Range 1986
Candy Clark At Close Range 1986
Eileen Ryan At Close Range 1986
Roger Moore A View to a Kill 1985
Tanya Roberts A View to a Kill 1985
Grace Jones A View to a Kill 1985
Patrick Macnee A View to a Kill 1985
Patrick Bauchau A View to a Kill 1985
Brooke Adams The Dead Zone 1983
Tom Skerritt The Dead Zone 1983
Anthony Zerbe The Dead Zone 1983
Steve Martin Pennies from Heaven 1981
Bernadette Peters Pennies from Heaven 1981
Jessica Harper Pennies from Heaven 1981
John McMartin Pennies from Heaven 1981
Isabelle Huppert Heaven's Gate 1981
Sam Waterston Heaven's Gate 1981
John Hurt Heaven's Gate 1981
Brad Dourif Heaven's Gate 1981
Jeff Bridges Heaven's Gate 1981
Robert De Niro The Deer Hunter 1978
John Savage The Deer Hunter 1978
Meryl Streep The Deer Hunter 1978
Chris Sarandon The Sentinel 1977
Ava Gardner The Sentinel 1977
Robert Wuhl Mistress 1975
Martin Landau Mistress 1975
Danny Aiello Mistress 1975
Eli Wallach Mistress 1975
Jace Alexander Mistress 1975
Sean Connery The Anderson Tapes 1972
Dyan Cannon The Anderson Tapes 1972
Alan King The Anderson Tapes 1972