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Chris Isaak Biography

  • Profession: Actor, Songwriter
  • Born: Jun 26, 1956
  • Died: Jan 1, 0001

In another era, Chris Isaak's steely good looks and affable, unaffected screen presence would have made him an overnight leading man. Whether by choice or fate, however, Isaak seems to be content with his status as a part-time character actor and full-time rockabilly-influenced crooner. Born in Stockton, CA, in 1956, Isaak dabbled in surfing and competitive boxing as a teenager -- leaving him with his trademark bent nose -- before enrolling in an exchange student program in Japan. Upon his return to the U.S., Isaak completed college and endured a series of odd jobs as he led the life of the Northern California beach bum.

In the mid-'80s, Isaak and his friends secured a record deal and began recording their unique brand of Southwestern retro-pop under the moniker [[Performer~P355655~Silvertone~silvertone]]. It was director [[Performer~P87470~Jonathan Demme~jonathandemme]] -- already a fan of Isaak's music -- who gave him bit parts in 1988's [[Feature~V31557~Married to the Mob~marriedtothemob]] and [[Performer~P87470~Demme~jonathandemme]]'s 1991 breakthrough, [[Feature~V44663~The Silence of the Lambs~thesilenceofthelambs]]. Though Isaak's acting career was slowly gaining momentum, his [[Performer~P105118~Roy Orbison~royorbison]]-influenced ballads still weren't catching on with the general public. When [[Performer~P100454~David Lynch~davidlynch]] featured the jilted-lover anthem "Wicked Game" in his road movie [[Feature~V54604~Wild at Heart~wildatheart]], however, radio requests for the song quickly grew, and Isaak found himself with a Top Ten hit by the end of 1990 -- well over a year since the track was originally released. Thanks to Herb Ritts' sultry video for the song, Isaak had become a reluctant sex symbol as well. [[Performer~P100454~Lynch~davidlynch]] would be the first to capitalize on Isaak's heightened public profile, casting him as Special Agent Chester Desmond in 1992's baffling, elliptical Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

Despite the film's lackluster box-office performance, director [[Performer~P81701~Bernardo Bertolucci~bernardobertolucci]] took notice and gave Isaak a lead role in his fantasy-biopic [[Feature~V131172~Little Buddha~littlebuddha]]. Though convincing as the stoic family man whose son is mysteriously believed to be the latest reincarnation of [[Feature~V131172~Buddha~littlebuddha]], the neophyte actor couldn't withstand the wellspring of negative critical response to the film, causing some wags to slight his work in it. Perhaps as a response, Isaak has usually maintained a low profile in features since [[Feature~V131172~Buddha~littlebuddha]], choosing instead to take distinctive supporting roles in period films such as [[Feature~V136774~That Thing You Do!~thatthingyoudo]] and [[Feature~V136158~Grace of My Heart~graceofmyheart]], both in 1996.

Though his feature-film aspirations hadn't panned out, Isaak did find some success acting on the small-screen in 2001, when he was given his own television show on Showtime. [[Feature~V290020~The Chris Isaak Show~thechrisisaakshow[tvseries]]] attracted a cult following with its witty semi-fictional portrayal of musician Chris Isaak. In 2004, Isaak took to the big-screen again, starring in the NC-17-rated [[Performer~P218832~John Waters~johnwaters]] sex comedy [[Feature~V292000~A Dirty Shame~adirtyshame]] amidst an eclectic cast that included British comedian [[Performer~P72400~Tracey Ullman~traceyullman]], [[Feature~V273649~Jackass~jackass[tvseries]]] co-creator [[Performer~P295763~Johnny Knoxville~johnnyknoxville]], indie-film actress [[Performer~P232175~Selma Blair~selmablair]], and such [[Performer~P218832~Waters~johnwaters]] regulars as [[Performer~P31417~Patricia Hearst~patriciahearst]] and [[Performer~P68420~Mink Stole~minkstole]]. ~ Michael Hastings, Rovi