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Bill Moseley Biography

  • Profession: Actor
  • Born: Jan 1, 0001
  • Died: Jan 1, 0001

Many may associate the lean, frequently menacing actor Bill Moseley with his repeat work for goremeister [[Performer~P328451~Rob Zombie~robzombie]], in whose efforts [[Feature~V267163~House of 1,000 Corpses~houseof1000corpses]] (2002), [[Feature~V290584~The Devil's Rejects~thedevilsrejects]] (2005), and [[Feature~V351975~Halloween~halloween]] (2007) he starred, nearly always as a deranged, homicidal lunatic. In truth, seasoned horror aficionados will realize that Moseley had already attained iconic status long prior to his affiliation with [[Performer~P328451~Zombie~robzombie]] -- particularly given his prominent billing as the maniacal cannibal Chop-Top, opposite [[Performer~P94825~Dennis Hopper~dennishopper]], in 1986's horror comedy [[Feature~V49207~The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2~thetexaschainsawmassacre2]]. This role (the actor's third) effectively put Moseley, then in his late twenties, on top; in successive years, he did occasional work in features from other genres, such as the 1992 family comedy [[Feature~V22984~Honey, I Blew Up the Kid~honeyiblewupthekid]] and the [[Performer~P26545~Richard Gere~richardgere]]-headlined romantic psychodrama [[Feature~V121946~Mr. Jones~mrjones]] (1993), but remained most commonly tied to horror. Memorable efforts in this vein included [[Feature~V6069~The Blob~theblob]] (1988), [[Feature~V66337~Silent Night, Deadly Night 3~silentnightdeadlynight3:betterwatchout]] (1989), [[Feature~V35312~Night of the Living Dead~nightofthelivingdead]] (1990), and [[Feature~V186978~The Convent~theconvent]] (2000). Moseley's affiliation with [[Performer~P328451~Zombie~robzombie]] began when the two met at a Haunted City Walk in Los Angeles in 1999 and immediately struck up a rapport. They remained friends, and not only worked on the said three features (with [[Feature~V290584~Rejects~thedevilsrejects]], in particular, benefiting enormously from Moseley's long-haired presence -- his gaunt, weapon-wielding appearance was used as a major selling point for the film), but collaborated on the [[Performer~P328451~Zombie~robzombie]]-directed featurette to [[Performer~P113658~Quentin Tarantino~quentintarantino]] and [[Performer~P151002~Robert Rodriguez~robertrodriguez]]'s [[Feature~V327656~Grindhouse~grindhouse]], [[Feature~V397404~Werewolf Women of the S.S.~werewolfwomenofthess]] (2007). Also in 2007, Moseley starred in the horror outing [[Feature~V376689~House~house]], the tale of a bunch of Satanists who keep two couples captive. In addition to his film work, Moseley's professional activities include performing as a musician in the band Cornbugs. He is not to be confused with the actor [[Performer~P429879~William Moseley~williammoseley]], active in Britain at about the same time. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi