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A Bloody Aria Details


An aspiring opera singer takes a trip into the countryside with her trusted mentor, only to find her fate taking an unexpectedly grim turn in director Won Shin-yun's darkly comic look at the power struggles that exist within all levels of society. In-jeong was on an innocent day trip with her mentor Yeong-sun when the man she once trusted suddenly reveals himself to be a lecherous fiend. Though In-jeong believes she has escaped harm when a seemingly benevolent local offers her a lift to the nearest bus stop, her relief turns to horror when the driver insists on stopping to meet up with his friends. Upon arriving at their destination, In-jeong realizes that the man's friends are in fact a depraved group of country thugs who have also captured Yeong-sun. Now forced to play along in a sadistic game of survival, the two captives wage a life or death struggle to escape their tormentors or die trying. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi


Han Seok-gyu
as Moon-jae
Oh Dal-su
as O-geun
Lee Mun-shik
as Bong-yeon


Kim Dong-eun
Composer (Music Score)
Jang Chun-Shub
Production Designer
Shin Shang-Han
Executive Producer
Paik Jong-Jin
Executive Producer