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9 Deaths of the Ninja Details


Meant to be a parody of the martial arts genre, this weakly plotted story centers around a kidnapping in Manila engineered by two terrorists to obtain the release of a political prisoner in the Middle East. In order to save the busload of tourists that are being held hostage, the U.S. Embassy summons three international agents: Spike Shinobi (Sho Kasugi) who, inspired by Kojak (Telly Savalas' TV detective), puts a lollipop in his mouth in-between fights, Steven Gordon (Brent Huff), and Jennifer Barnes (Emilia Lesniak). The trio are up against the deranged German Alby the Cruel (Blackie Dammett) and the sadistic lesbian Honey Hump (Regina Richardson), the terrorists holding the tourists. Wild exaggeration in-between the karate action is meant to bring humor to the proceedings. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Brent Huff
as Steve Gordon
Emilia Lesniak
as Jennifer Barnes
Blackie Dammett
as Alby the Cruel
Vijay Amritraj
as Rankin
Lisa Friedman
as Tour Guide
Bruce Fanger
as Dr. Wolf
Sonny Erang
as Rahji
David Brass
as Tex
Aiko Cownden
as Marisa Lee
Jennifer Crumrine
as Amanda
Judy Blye
as Woo Wee
Helen McNeely
as Mrs. Garcia
Sho Kosugi
as Spike Shinobi
Protacio "Tony" Dee
as Feng Fu
Joji Nagai
as Dr. Yamada
Ric Segreto
as P.C. Trooper
Leah Navarro
as Museum Assassin
Kane Kosugi
as Kane
Warren McLean
as Slanker


Emmett Alston
Ashok Amritraj
Emmett Alston
Roy H. Wagner
Cecile Colayco
Composer (Music Score)
Emmett Alston
Rodell Cruz
Production Designer
Danilo Dominguez
Special Effects
Alan Amiel