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633 Squadron Details


Cliff Robertson and George Chakiris star in this dumbed-down version of George Chakiris. During World War II, the story concerns a Scandinavian underground leader, Erik Bergman (George Chakiris), who reports to British authorities the location of a German V2 fuel plant. As is the case in most World War II action films, the plant is in an impregnable location -- beneath an overhanging cliff at the end of a highly defended fjord. The only way the British can hope to destroy the plant is by collapsing the cliff on top of it. In order to do that, light Mosquito aircraft must be utilized. This is the job assigned to Wing Commander Roy Grant's (Cliff Robertson) 633 Squadron. In order to assist Grant in his air attack, Bergman attempts a simultaneous ground attack, but the ground attack fails, and Bergman is captured by the Germans. When he is tortured in their efforts to uncover the RAF plans, Bergman may not be able to withhold the top-secret information. Howard Koch and James Clavell adapted their screenplay from Frederick E. Smith's novel, reportedly based on a true story. Though Koch and Clavell are each known for their excellent writing, Squadron 633 is notable mostly for its adept cinematography from the co-operative effort of John Wilcox and Edward Scaife. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi


Cliff Robertson
as Wing Cmdr. Roy Grant
George Chakiris
as Lt. Erik Bergman
Maria Perschy
as Hilde Bergman
Harry Andrews
as Air Marshal Davis
Donald Houston
as Wing Cmdr. Tom Barrett
Michael Goodliffe
as Squadron Leader Bill Adams
John Meillon
as Flight Lt. Gillibrand
John Bonney
as Lt. Scott
Angus Lennie
as Lt. Hoppy Hopkinson
Scot Finch
as Lt. Bissel
Barbara Archer
as Barmaid
Julian Sherrier
as Lt. Singh
Suzanne Farmer
as Sgt. Mary
Geoffrey Frederick
as Lt. Frank
Edward Brayshaw
as Lt. Guenier
Arnold Locke
as Innkeeper
Peter Kriss
as Lt. Maner
Drewe Henley
as Thor
Cavan Malone
as Ericson
Johnny Briggs
as Lt. Jones


Walter E. Grauman
James Clavell
Howard Koch
Edward Scaife
Bert Bates
Lewis Rachmil
Executive Producer
John Bramall
Sound/Sound Designer
Ted Sturgis
First Assistant Director
Albert Becket
Production Manager
Wally Schneiderman