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Jake wakes up on the morning of his birthday and reads his horoscope in the paper, which promises a good day. However, soon after he reads those words, everything falls apart: His car is stolen, he gets fired from his job, his girlfriend cheats on him, and his apartment floods. Desperate for an outlet for his frustration, Jake finds three other people who were born on the same day, at the same time, in the same place. He decides to track each of them down and interview them about their birthday experiences to see if all four shared similar misfortunes, so that he can prove that astrology is nothing more than "propaganda." Jake takes a trip across the country to Chicago and manages to find each individual: He meets Yvette (Brooklyn Sudano), a troubled social worker, Wesley (Max Hartman), a cheesy Atlantic City lounge singer with a terminal illness, and Sarah (Jena Malone), a bartender with a young daughter and an ex-boyfriend with a drug problem. Soon, Jake's interest in Sarah becomes more than academic. ~ Alaina O'Connor, Rovi

  • Release date:November 4, 2011


Cam Gigandet
as Jake Gibson
Jena Malone
as Sarah Reynolds
Max Hartman
as Wesley Henderson
Brooklyn Sudano
as Yvette Montgomery
Julianna Guill
as Vanessa
Will Yun Lee
as Samuel Kim


Danny Buday
Danny Buday
Danny Buday
Megan Hutchison
Production Designer
Shannon Makhanian
Shannon Makhanian
Shannon Makhanian
Casting Director