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The 39 Steps Details


This remake of the Alfred Hitchcock thriller does not have his flair for suspense, but director Ralph Thomas keeps the action moving, offers some comic highlights, and the story itself carries the 90-minute running time. Richard Hannay (Kenneth More) is at a vaudeville show when a shot rings out and some commotion forces him to protect a young woman by bringing her home. His protection fails after she is stabbed by an assailant who escapes. She dies -- but not before she tells Richard there is a secret organization run by a man in Scotland, trying to smuggle some important plans out of the country. He must stop them, and as soon as she mentions 39 steps, she expires. Richard has only two days to find the head of the organization, get the plans, and foil this espionage attempt. Along the way to Scotland he is literally hooked up with an attractive schoolmarm after they are handcuffed together, and his misadventures continue with her in tow. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

  • Release date:March 13, 1959


Kenneth More
as Richard Hannay
Taina Elg
as Fisher
Brenda de Banzie
as Nellie Lumsden
Barry Jones
as Prof. Logan
Reginald Beckwith
as Lumsden
James Hayter
as Mr. Memory
Faith Brook
as Nannie
Michael Goodliffe
as Brown
Duncan Lamont
as Kennedy
Leslie Dwyer
as Milkman
Betty Henderson
as Mrs. McDougal
Joan Hickson
as Miss Dobson
Sidney James
as Perce
Brian Oulton
as Mr. Pringle
Sam Kydd
as Dining Steward
John Richardson
Marianne Stone
as Hospital Administrator
Sam Kydd
as Dining Steward


Ralph Thomas
Betty E. Box
Clifton Parker
Composer (Music Score)
Muir Mathieson
Composer (Music Score)
Alfred Roome
Maurice Carter
Art Director
Yvonne Caffin
Costume Designer
James Bawden
Camera Operator
Charles Orme
Production Manager
Geoffrey Rodway