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2 Days in the Valley Details


A variety of crooks, losers, and working stiffs living in the shadow of Hollywood find their various personal crises overlapping in this intricately woven melodrama. Lee Woods ([[Performer~P67051~James Spader~jamesspader]]) is a cold-blooded hit man and Dosmo Pizzo ([[Performer~P421~Danny Aiello~dannyaiello]]) a soft-at-heart gangster; they've been sent to murder Roy Foxx ([[Performer~P94896~Peter Horton~peterhorton]]), the former husband of also-ran Olympic skier Becky Foxx ([[Performer~P30976~Teri Hatcher~terihatcher]]). Lee's girlfriend Helga ([[Performer~P216257~Charlize Theron~charlizetheron]]) is unhappy about his habit of killing people, and she attracts the attention of Alvin ([[Performer~P16881~Jeff Daniels~jeffdaniels]]) and Wes ([[Performer~P68432~Eric Stoltz~ericstoltz]]), two cops who've been put on vice detail but don't have the heart to bust the prostitute they've been trailing. Alvin dreams of becoming a homicide detective, so when he discovers that he might be on the trail of a murder, it's like Santa Claus showed up in mid-July to hand him a present. Dosmo manages to escape the crime scene, only to foil a murder attempt by Lee, forcing him to hide out in the home of Hopper, a pretentious English art dealer (Greg Cruttwell), whom Dosmo holds hostage along with Hopper's long-suffering assistant, Susan ([[Performer~P31365~Glenne Headly~glenneheadly]]). In the midst of all this, a down-on-his-luck television director ([[Performer~P46790~Paul Mazursky~paulmazursky]]) contemplates suicide (the main stumbling block is finding someone to take care of his dog) while also being pestered by an actor with equally bad luck ([[Performer~P55888~Austin Pendleton~austinpendleton]]) and meeting a compassionate nurse ([[Performer~P46247~Marsha Mason~marshamason]]) on a visit to a cemetery. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Danny Aiello
as Dosmo Pizzo
Greg Cruttwell
as Hopper,Allan
Jeff Daniels
as Alvin Strayer
James Spader
as Lee Woods
Teri Hatcher
as Becky Foxx
Glenne Headly
as Susan Parish
Charlize Theron
as Helga Svelgen
Peter Horton
as Roy Foxx
Eric Stoltz
as Wes Taylor
Paul Mazursky
as Teddy Peppers
Louise Fletcher
as Evelyn
Marsha Mason
as Audrey Hopper
Keith Carradine
as Detective Creighton
Austin Pendleton
as Ralph Crupi
Deborah Benson-Wald
as Driver's Friend
Cheryl Ladd
Kathleen Luong
as Midori
Lawrence Tierney
as Old Man
Mitch Carter
Mark Goldstein
as Marc the Pitbull
Cress Williams
as Golfer
Dennis Tufano
Paul Rodriguez
Michael Jai White
as Buck
Ada Maris
as Detective Valenzuela
William Stanton
as Man At Bar
Micole Mercurio
as Older Woman
Rosemary Alexander
Bob Bergen


John Herzfeld
Jeff Wald
Herb Nanas
John Herzfeld
Oliver Wood
Anthony Marinelli
Composer (Music Score)
Anthony Marinelli
Wayne Wahrman
Jim Miller
Catherine Hardwicke
Production Designer
Kevin Constant
Art Director
Jim Burke
Terry Miller
Associate Producer
Mindy Marin
Associate Producer
Tony Amatullo
Executive Producer
Keith Samples
Executive Producer
Gene Serdena
Set Designer
Gary Sawaya
Set Designer
Terry Miller
First Assistant Director
John Papsidera
Mindy Marin
Charlie Picerni
Stunts Coordinator
Richard L. Anderson
Supervising Sound Editor