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29th Street Details


A hybrid cross-pollination of a [[Performer~P110533~Martin Scorsese~martinscorsese]] and [[Performer~P84082~Frank Capra~frankcapra]] film, this feel-good comic fantasy is loosely based on the real-life story of a New York lottery winner. [[Performer~P39765~Anthony LaPaglia~anthonylapaglia]] stars as Frank Pesce Jr., a New Yorker with a good-luck streak that is unmatched in his Little Italy neighborhood. When Frank throws a pair of dice in a game of chance, he doesn't just toss a winning hand, the dice land on top of each other. When he's stabbed in the chest by a girlfriend's brother, his doctors find a pre-cancerous tumor. Although he tries again and again to get rid of a vehicle he no longer wants, it is retrieved every single time by the authorities. So when New York announces its first statewide lottery in 1976, Frank buys one ticket and immediately becomes everybody's best friend. Unfortunately, Frank's good luck is matched by the equally bad luck of his hard-working father, Frank Sr. ([[Performer~P421~Danny Aiello~dannyaiello]]), who has run up a gambling debt to a local mobster. The wise guy is willing to forgive the note if Frank Jr. will just hand over his sure-to-be lucky ticket, leaving the city's luckiest Italian-American in a bit of a moral quandary. The real [[Performer~P56234~Frank Pesce Jr.~frankpesce]] executive produces and co-stars in 29th Street as his own police officer brother, Vito. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:November 1, 1991


Danny Aiello
as Frank Pesce Sr.
Anthony LaPaglia
as Frank Pesce Jr.
Lainie Kazan
as Mrs. Pesce
Frank Pesce
as Vito Pesce
Donna Magnani
as Madeline Pesce
Rick Aiello
as Jimmy Vitello
Vic Manni
as Louie Tucci
Ron Karabatsos
as Philly the Nap
Robert Forster
as Sergeant Tartaglia
Richard Olsen
as Father Lowery
Charles Haugk
as Tucci's Driver
Jessen Noviello
as Needle Nose-Age 8
Mario Todisco
as Zipper's Bodyguard
Shirley Swanger
as Nun
Tony Sirico
as Chink Fortunado
Jim Ondatje
as 2nd Patrolman
Paul Lazar
as Needle Nose Nipton
Ted Cleanthes
as Pit Boss
David Ferraro
as Cousin Leo
Joe Gironda
as Carmine Tucci
Philip Ciccone
as Rocky Sav
Tony Monte
as Jesus Rios
Julie Lott
as Julie the Usherette
Darren Bates
as Sal Las Benas
Joe Franklin
as Himself
Pete Antico
as Tony
Tony Lip
as Nicky Bad Lungs
Louis Di Giaimo
Gloria Mann
Don Blakely
as Sergeant Jones
Hope Alexander-Willis
as Lucy Sills
Joe Roberto
as Patrolman Tollen
Richard Cerenzio
as Dom the Bomb
Ingrid van Dorn
as Nurse
Karen Duffy
as Maria Rios
Richard Tacchino
as Social Club Waiter
Vic Noto
as Auggie Falcone
Adam LaVorgna
as Frankie-Age 8
William Phillips
as Lottery Finalist
Cecil McKiethen
as Italian Wedding Band Member
Giovanni Gianoni
as Italian Wedding Band Singer
Jerry Guarino
as Chickens
Lou Criscuolo
as Ticket Buyer
Sal Ruffino
as Angelo
Bill Ricci
as Mickey the Dwarf
Jerome Alfano
as Italian Wedding Band Member
Leonard Termo
as Dr. Puccini
Rocco Savastano
as Social Club Bartender
Vincent Curto
as Zippers Bad Lungs
Tom Ellis
as Newscaster
Vincent Chase
as Army Eye Doctor
Eugene Kobisky
as Italian Wedding Band Member


George Gallo
David Permut
George Gallo
Frank Pesce
James Franciscus
Book Author
Steven Fierberg
Kaja Fehr
Bob Ziembicki
Production Designer
Dayna Lee
Art Director
Ellen Erwin
Katie Jacobs
Associate Producer
Pierce Gardner
Associate Producer
James Franciscus
Associate Producer
Frank Pesce
Associate Producer
Hugh Scaife
Set Designer
Peggy Farrell
Costume Designer
Danny Aiello III
Louis Di Giaimo