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13 Ghosts Details


This haunted house chiller is the second feature from Dark Castle Entertainment, the mid-budget outfit put together in 1999 to remake the cheesy horror genre pictures of William Castle by his daughter, Terry Castle, and producers Gilbert Adler, Robert Zemeckis, and Joel Silver. Financially ravaged and widowed by a fire that is consuming him with guilt, Arthur Kriticos (Tony Shalhoub) is left to raise two kids on his own: beautiful teenager Kathy (Shannon Elizabeth) and grade school student Bobby (Alec Roberts). Good news suddenly drops into their lives when a lawyer visits and reveals that they have inherited a lavish home from a late uncle, Cyrus (F. Murray Abraham), an eccentric ghost hunter. The Kriticos family moves into the remote house only to discover its odd secret: the dwelling contains a state-of-the-art, elaborate system of moving glass walls that trap spirits inside. Soon the ghosts, which can only be seen through the use of special high-tech spectacles, are loose in the elaborate contraption and are none too thrilled about their predicament. With the exits sealed, the family members try to learn the secret of Uncle Cyrus' bizarre mansion and survive supernatural assaults with the help of sassy housekeeper Maggie (Rah Digga), neurotic psychic Rafkin (Matthew Lillard), and Kalina (Embeth Davidtz), an activist championing the civil rights of ghosts. The eyeglasses through which the spirits can be viewed in Thirteen Ghosts (2001) were part of a ballyhoo gimmick involving pairs of spectacles handed out to audiences for screenings of the 1960 original, which was presented in "Illusion-O." ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:October 26, 2001


Tony Shalhoub
as Arthur Kriticos
Embeth Davidtz
as Kalina
Alec Roberts
as Bobby Kriticos
Matthew Lillard
as Rafkin
Shannon Elizabeth
as Kathy Kriticos
F. Murray Abraham
as Uncle Cyrus
Matthew Harrison
as Damon
C. Ernst Harth
as The Great Child
J.R. Bourne
Craig Olejnik
as The Torn Prince
Xantha Radley
as The Pilgrimess
Charles Andre
as Team Member
Jacob Rupp
as Cyrus Assistant
Rah Digga
Daniel Wesley
as The Torso
Mike Crestejo
as Team Member
Herbert Duncanson
as The Hammer
Mikhael Speidel
as The First Born Son
Shawna Loyer
as The Angry Princess
Shayne Wyler
as The Jackal
John De Santis
as The Juggernaut
Laura Mennell
as The Bound Woman
Laurie Soper
as The Dire Mother


Steve Beck
Joel Silver
Robert Zemeckis
Gilbert Adler
Dan Cracchiolo
Neal Stevens
Richard D'Ovidio
Robb White
Screen Story
Gale Tattersall
Derek Brechin
Roy Berkowitz
Edward Warschilka
Sean Hargreaves
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Tim Beach
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Don Macauley
Art Director
Terry Castle
Steve Richards
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Dan Cracchiolo
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Lynn Christopher
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Mira Caveno
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Dillon Armitage
Special Effects
Matt Earl Beesley
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Albert M. Shapiro
First Assistant Director
Guy Bews
Mike Vezina
Dave Hospes
Kristine Kenworth
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Deborah Macatumpag
Fred Perron
Shealah Seaton
Alex Green
Suzy Stingl
Christine Sheaks
Patrick Ramsay
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Harold Parker
Post Production Coordinator
Wendy Spooner
Casting Assistant
John Leroy
Terry Sonderhoff
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Dillard Brinson
Key Grip
Howard Berger
Makeup Special Effects
Robert Kurtzman
Makeup Special Effects
Adam Kuhn
Post Production Accountant
Alan Markfield
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Craig Reardon
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The Picture Mill
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James Dillinger
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Unit Production Manager