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12 Hours depicts the comic and tragic events that take place one wild night out in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The film follows five separate, yet linked story lines. Liza (Yadira Nazario), a shy recent divorcee, goes out barhopping with the man-hungry Ada (Wanda Rovira) and their more level-headed friend, Virginia (Michelle Deliz), a single mother. Ada and Virginia spend the early part of the evening desperately trying to get Liza to loosen up. Virginia's pretty teenaged daughter, Cristina (Cielomar Cuevas), has been told to stay home for the night, but her friends convince her to go to a party where a boy she likes will be waiting. Cristina lets her friends know she's planning to lose her virginity. The handsome Abraham (Charlie Masso) has recently decided that with his looks and sexual prowess, women will pay for his company, but his first "job" ends disastrously. Soon thereafter, he catches the eye of an aggressive drag performer, Jackeline Bom Bom (Flavia Manes Rossi). Kathy (Rosabel Del Valle) is a popular TV personality who longs to do serious journalism. She and her cameraman end up in the middle of a convenience store robbery, during which a pregnant woman goes into labor. Bringing all the story lines together is Roberto (Marcos Betancourt), an old, kindhearted cab driver working the night shift, whose wife has Parkinson's disease. A clock flashes onscreen as the hours tick down. 12 Hours, the debut feature of writer/director Raul Marchand, was shot on digital video. The film won the audience award at the 2002 Chicago Latino Film Festival and was shown in competition at the 2002 Tribeca Film Festival, earning a special mention. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi

  • Release date:March 7, 2003


Rosabel del Valle
as Kathy
Michelle Deliz
as Virginia
Charlie Masso
as Abraham
Yadira Nazario
as Liza
Wanda Rovira
as Ada
Teofilo Torres
as Antonio
Cielomar Cuevas
as Cristina
Jaime Bello
as Gustavo
Kidany Lugo
as Jorge
Modesto Lacen
as Asaltante


Raul Marchand
Elba Luis Lugo
Raul Marchand
Jaime Costas
Raul Marchand
Musical Direction/Supervision
Geronimo Mercado
Composer (Music Score)
Raul Marchand
Raul Marchand
Production Designer
Elba Luis Lugo
Executive Producer
Jorge Rojas
Executive Producer
Patricia Alonso
First Assistant Director
Raul Marchand
Patricia Alonso