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... And the Earth Did Not Swallow Him Details


This landmark of Chicano cinema is an adaptation of Tomas Rivera's 1971 novel of the same title. Told from the perspective of Marcos, the 12-year-old son of migrant Mexican-American farm workers, the film follows their travels over the course of a year, each of its 12 sections linked to a month of the calendar. The family starts off in Texas at the beginning of harvest season. Their hardscrabble journey takes them across the length and breadth of the Midwest. Along the way, Marcos and his family encounter a rich, difficult, and, at times, pathetic cast of characters including other migrant workers, a shoe salesman, and, in the most startling part of the film, white Americans. Through these encounters, Marcos comes to understand his place in the order of things, namely, near the bottom, discovers the power of familial bonds to comfort and overcome hardship, and uncovers in himself a desire to learn and educate. ~ Brian Whitener, Rovi


Jose Alcala
as Marcos
Daniel Valdez
as Bartolo
Rose Portillo
as Florentina
Marco Rodriguez
as Joaquin
Lupe Ontiveros
as Dona Rosa
Evelyn Guerrero
as Lupita
Sam Vlahos
as Don Cleto
Art Bonilla
as Lalo
Sal Lopez
as El Mohado


Severo Perez
Paul Espinosa
Severo Perez
Tomas Rivera
Book Author
Virgil Harper
Marcos Loya
Composer (Music Score)
Marcos Loya
Musical Arrangement
Susan Heick
Armin Ganz
Production Designer
Kirk M. Petruccelli
Art Director
Peter Stolz
Art Director
Severo Perez
Bob Morones
Associate Producer
Sharon Reed
Set Designer
Susumu Tokunow
Sound/Sound Designer
Bob Morones

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